Heavy Petting

So Marie Claire (US) magazine are at it again, trying to counter their slide towards irrelevancy by publishing audience-baiting content. This time, "Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?)".

Sure the floods of outraged traffic will please their advertisers but I hope this is outweighed by lost sales and subscribers.

You know what I think we should do? You know how Jon Stewart is having his Rally for Sanity in Washington? I think we should have a rally of sorts too. All of us infidels who DARE to carry some extra padding should converge on Marie Claire's New York offices and have a mass make-out session right on their doorstep. The earth WILL MOVE!

Some great responses to the ridiculous article:

UPDATE: Wow. There is actually going to be a mass make-out session in New York today, Friday 29 October, for real!

Two Fit Chicks Episode 19 – Happy birthday to us!

For your aural pleasure!Today Carla and I celebrate a year and a month of podcasting  and vow to look at the calendar properly next year.

We discuss the now-infamous Marie Claire article about the "Big Six" healthy living bloggers, then grill each other on a range of profound topics like lamingtons and the Bravo channel. Carla bemoans a bad back and I slink back to kickboxing class after a long and fearful absence. We talk books, telly and movies and hopes for the future. PLUS, Blogger News!

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Ciao comrades!

I’m away on my holidays and failed to set the timer on my stealthy pre-prepared blog post, and now I’m on a tiny wee phone screen so I can’t do a sense check.

Anyway! I’m at a campsite near Rome. Long story. We’ve been commuting in to the big smoke each day. I’ve been trying to travel mindfully, i.e. relishing the amazing ye olde ancient bounty before me and not just whining about the weather.

Yesterday’s highlights included a Naples jaunt and chomping a molto tasty pizza! Today: meditating in India then onward to handsome chap in Bali, etc etc.

(Hope you’re all well 🙂


Am I too fat to run?

We received a lot of emails about Tameisha's question about shin splits and weight from Episode 15 – Running Further With Julia Jones. Many people were worried that the gist of Julia's answer was: you can't run if you're fat.

This was not the case. Julia wants the whole world to love running as much as she does, and trains hundreds of runners of all shapes, sizes and ages. Her answer on this episode was not a general prescription, it was tailored purely for Tameisha and her circumstances. Here's her question again:

I recently tried the Podrunner Intervals running program, I had to stop because the shin splints got so bad my legs were hurting constantly. I started icing them, elevating them and wrapping them when I did Podrunner intervals.

Well, after I got over my terrible cold and the shin splint pain eased up I started the program again. Shin pain again. I went to the doctor and had x-rays. It's not a stress fracture – just shin splints.

Will this ever go away? My doctor told me don't run for a month. I am overweight and seriously wondering can I lose the weight to make the shin splints go away. Or can I run, then ice my shins daily so that my body gets used to it?

When we receive a question we often ask for further information. In this case Tameisha clarified that when said she was overweight, she specifically was 5'3" and 211 pounds. She was also new to exercise when she started running. I didn't read out this extra detail on air for privacy reasons, but in hindsight perhaps this information would have helped emphasise that Julia's advice was specific to Tameisha's circumstances.

Julia wanted to assure listeners that running can be a sport for anyone, but because of its high impact nature it is extremely important to listen to your body. Read on for her thoughts!




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The name’s Di. Di Etplan.

There must have been an International Comment Spammers Convention last week because I'm suddenly getting an excruciating amount of comment spam from a new fancy breed of spammer. I can just picture them frantically taking notes during the Advanced Comment Spam presentation: How To Promote Your Dodgy Diet Products On Some Dimwit's Blog And Make Them Think You're A Proper Commenter In Three Easy Steps.

  1. Take the time to write an actual comment, perhaps actually even reading the entry.
  2. Flatter the blogger by saying one or more of the following:
    – I've subscribed to your RSS feed!
    – I'm going to read all your archives!
    – I'm telling my friends and family and the milkman about your blog!
  3. ONLY THEN link to your diet pills or rapid weight loss scheme.

Bonus points if you can cleverly disguise your business name in the Commenter Name field. For example, Di Etplan. Doesn't she sound like a lovely lass?

I know people are trying to make a living. But I am not going to let them litter my personal blog with their dodgy links to improve their search engine ranking.

My apologies to the 99.9% of non-spammers out there in blog land. I know I'm due a new entry but this rant has been boiling all week and to quote the great Alf Stewart, I've had a flamin' gutful. RAH!

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Two Fit Chicks head back to the studio

… where studio equals Shauna in her bedroom in Scotland yapping down the phone to Carla in her Texan abode who is simultaneously fixing a snack for her Toddler.

We're recording on Thursday and will have an new episode for you on Monday 7 June. Hurrah!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks always for your support and endless patience!