On The Road Again

“Well well well, who’s this sexy babe?”

So the weigh-in ladies greeted me at my meeting last night.

“I saw you in the post office at lunch today!” said one, “And I said SHIIIIIIIT that Dietgirl’s lost some weight!”

I was buzzing from those kind words, then I hopped on the scale to find I’d lost 2.1 kg (4.6lb)! Hurrah!

I found some photos on my computer that I’d taken back when I started in January, resplendent in my bra and undies. I shuddered at how I looked.

Then I went and stripped (down to my bra & knickers, both a size smaller) and took some NEW pics and put them side by side to compare. It was SUCH a wake-up call for me. With no clothes to disguise things, you could really see the difference – instead of a shapeless blob, there’s now the beginnings of a waist. My hips and boobs are smaller, my face is too, even my arms and legs have lost some blubber.

I photoshopped my face out of the pictures and was just about to post them on my site when I thought, HELLO! You’re in your UNDERWEAR! Noone wants to see fat chickies in their underwear, even if they have dropped some poundage! I will have to take some clothed pics and hope the difference is visible!

I had to work late tonight so I didn’t get to the gym, but I really felt like a night off. I’ve been a wee bit achy in the legs from all that cross trainer! But I’ll be back tomorrow night! I’m just 0.6 away from a total loss of 60lb, so I’d really like to get there next Monday.

To all the wonderful people who contacted me during my infamous panic attack, THANKYOU. I was on a real low and you picked me right up again. You’re all nothing short of amazing!

Have a great week.

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