Get Some Pants

I don't have to go to physiotherapy anymore. Apparently I am all cured, she even joked that I must have had a "back transplant", because it had improved SO much so quickly. She said it was all due to my hard work and willingness to change. She says she gets so many people that waltz in expecting a miracle cure without them having to do anything, without them having to change any bad habits.

I was very flattered but said to her, after this weight loss shennanigans, what's one more change in my life? I can handle anything now. Ha ha.

She also told me that I should buy some new pants, the ones I had on were falling down. That made my day!

Funny how change becomes easier the more you do it. Back in January I felt paralysed with fear, I felt trapped in my body. I felt totally incapable of improving my situation. I just simply couldn't see how I could possibly ever feel any better than I did back then. Which was pretty damn crap.

But little by little things changed. The key for me was starting out small. First thing was to get into the kitchen and throw out all the junk food, and organise the room so it felt more inviting. If your kitchen's clean and organised you're more inclined to cook, as opposed to cruising by Macca's for a Quarter Pounder meal.

So after that I felt more prepared to start to change my eating habits. Mine were in a shocking state so I went to WW.

Once I'd learned good eating habits, I began to tackle the exercise thing, starting out with just huffing and puffing my way around the block.

I promise you, your confidence will grow and you'll just want to do more and more. It gets addictive, this change thing.

If the big picture overwhelms you, begin with some small changes. Rome didn't become a fat ass in a day. You can't expect to overhaul years of bad habits all at once.

Start small, but dream big. Big fat lardy dreams.

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