It’s A Gas

So I was diligent about getting back on track following our Spanish jaunt. However, I chucked my Body Jam plans the night we got back when my lovely friends showed up with a cake just as I was due to leave. It was chocolate cake with cream and blueberries in the middle, and meringue on top. I ain’t no fool who’d turn down a home baked birthday cake. It was delicious. I’m a lucky duck.

We cooked up a alarmingly healthy batch of vegie chili on Wednesday night. The Scottish Companion was over so I left out the meat, resulting in a dish packed with fibre and vegie portions. One think I like about tracking my food with WLR is creating recipes. So I just put in every single thing I put in the chili pot and it will tell me the calories, fat, fibre for the whole batch. That way I figured out that I should get 6 decent serves out of it, so I set the recipe to "Serves 6" then dished up the goods into the right portions. Easy!

Only problem was that all those fibrous vegies combined with spices played havoc with my digestive system. By the time I got to the gym Thursday night I was brewing up some seriously toxic gas. I had the foresight to set up my weights and step at the back of the room, and the thumping techno music was sufficiently loud to disguise any self-generated soundtrack. But lordy! The squat track was torture! They always tell you to, "sit back, as if you were sitting on chair". Which I did, except the chair had a whoopee cushion on it. The squat is an exercise requiring you to spread your legs and stick your arse out, not something you want to do when trying to hold something in.

. . .

Here’s a sorry tale that I hope will bring home why I feel it is essential for me to keep planning and tracking my food at WLR. Yesterday we had bugger all food in the house, my sister and I having returned late Sunday night from a weekend in London. I manage to find a banana and some wholemeal bread for breakfast, so I was off to a decent start.

But at 9.30 when the Hot Roll Man arrived, I remembered my purse was full of coins and bought myself a scone for a Second Breakfast. It was wholemeal but still rubbish and laden with margarine.

Then the Lunch Man arrived at 11.30. He has about 15 varieties of filled rolls and every single one of them is laden with cheese and/or mayo. I chose Chicken and Sweetcorn – basically a white roll, chicken, corn kernels, a limp bit of iceberg lettuce and tomato all drenched in mayo. I could have bought an apple but instead of I got a pack of Thai Sweet Chili crisps.

Then later on in the afternoon I decided it was good idea to have a Mars Bar with my cup of tea.

Dinner was healthy and delicious (mushroom burger with salad) but my sister and I then split a block of Green & Black’s new Butterscotch chocolate. Which was incredible, incidentally.

Oddly enough, I didn’t log in to WLR all day. It’s easy to kid yourself. If you take Mars Bar in isolation you can say "ahh it’s just one wee Mars Bar". Just like the harmless scone and the innocent bag of crisps. But today I forced myself to log every freakin mouthful, and discovered I’d ate twice as much as I needed without really noticing. 3170 calories! 1509 over my recommended quota.

I had grazed all day long so never really stopped to think about what I was actually eating. THAT is why I need to stay aware. It all adds up so quickly. I can’t bullshit myself that the calories didn’t happen if I didn’t write them down.

Today, on the other hand, is going beautifully. I’m off to Body Jam tonight and not feeling in the least bit flatulent!

14 thoughts on “It’s A Gas

  1. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who had that kind of day yesterday…I’ve been off plan, not tracking anything, for days. Yesterday, while watching Oprah talk to a woman who has lost over 300 lbs, I ate an entire can of Pringles.

    The worst part? I was fine at first, not eating anything, but they more they talked about how each of those pounds was gained through eating, the munchier I felt. I chased the Pringles with french bread and butter, followed later by popcorn shared with my Companion. And even though I felt bad about it, that didn’t stop me from having a bag of m&ms and half a muffin for breakfast this morning.

  2. do you know the silly part is that when I read about someone pigging out all I feel is
    “I want to do that too, I want all the crap I can think about”

    It should make me feel good and say to myself you are a good one that managed this day fine. but not all I think about is that I want that cake you had too. I have so much at home as well. My fav icecream, almost 1 kg of toblerone from my trip, cake mix that I can fix up etc. But Im going to try and be good this week and save it up to saturday when I have my eating day *s*

    but it was a fun entry *S*

  3. My biggest downfall is not tracking as soon as I’ve eaten something. So every morning, I track my day in advance. That way I know if there’s any room left for more food, or if I need to change a menu choice.

    I had a bout of flatulence in Interval training last night. Except I was standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE FAN!!!! And I’m sure everyone knew it was me, because my face was bright red :o(

  4. Aw heck, everyone has bad days. Hurrah for you for letting it go and moving back to the way you want to be! That’s so funny about the gas in class LOL Thanks for another inspiring entry

  5. It is good to read entries like this because it reminds me that everyone has down days. And doesn’t it always seem to not be just one bas choice but a string of bad choices? Almost like our minds set off a chain reaction.

  6. I loved j’s comment. I always munch on stuff when watching diet documentaries or reading slimming magazines. It makes me think about food!

    DG – congrats on your anniversary. SC sounds delightful. I connected with your comments about the joyful feeling of being in love. I feel the same way after 3 and a half years with my Englishman.

  7. It’s so easy to inhale that stuff and not even realise what you’re doing. Don’t worry, it happens, be aware of it and get back on the wagon again.

    As for the flatulence, I feel your pain! I’ve had a tummy upset for the last week and the most noxious gas in the history of the world. I’m thinking of registering my arse as a biological weapon!

  8. Oh god, you guys crack me up. Providing your own soundtrack? Classic!!

    Now DG I sneakily suspect you had a birthday? (friends rockin’ up with birthday cake?)

  9. ah, the joys of a vegetarian diet! At least it gets me plenty of space to shimmy in at my belly dancing class, even when it’s really crowded.

  10. laughed so hard at your arse-trumpeting, I’ve had similar incidents in Pilates, especially doing rollups when it just seems to get forced out of you! And the worst thing about farting in Pilates is that because the music is really quiet, you can HEAR the farts, gaaaaah! (unless you can pretend it was your foot squeaking on the polished floor, hmm)

    Congrats on the anniversary! 🙂

  11. Oh dear, yes. I go from being able to resist things perfectly well to not being able to do the Delayed Gratification thing at all. I think it’s probably innate – hunter-gatherers didn’t have fridges…

    I used to work in an office that had scones etc, and they were indeed not worth either the money or calories, and of course this didn’t stop anyone from buying them. Sometimes they were uncooked in the middle, which really ought to have put us off…

    Fortunately there’s no Scone Guy here, and if I want food I have to go a whole couple of hundred metres. Which seems to be a successful deterrent, so far. I don’t know if I’m being admirably restrained or shamefully lazy.

  12. IF you were Greek, in your anniversary you would have been wished “Make it a hundred” (years that is). You ain’t – apparently – but I am – apparently again – so here it…You guys make it a hundred! healthy, happy, shinny ones too!!!

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