So much for the Water Disguised As Gin plan! The barmaid poured my water into a gigantic pint glass, so there was no hiding the fact I was teetotalling. "Why are you drinking WATER?" everyone demanded, "It's your night out!"

I ended up with one real gin and tonic but somehow made it last the whole night. Saturday night I had two and half gin and tonics and another pint of water which is a miracle considering I was out with seven of my work colleagues who are quite enthusiastic about their drinking.

Finally, Sunday night! The calorific dessert my friend had planned turned out to be a banoffee pie – a rich crust filled with bananas, sticky caramel and whipped cream. Holy crap. I had a small slice and my head was throbbing – it was sooo delicious but sooo rich! The main was a delicious spicy lime and lentil soup, but I passed on the accompanying hunks of fresh white bread and butter, and also skipped the wine. All in all I was really pleased with how I handled the weekend.

I tried on the wedding frock again. It still fits but there's some dodginess getting the final inch of zip up. I am so bloated from those lentils today, so will have to be really careful about what I eat for the next ten days. I'm not trying to lose weight, I just know how easily I puff up. Can anyone recommend what foods to avoid? Aside from lentils. My stomach is still groaning and I am one big fart just waiting to happen!

. . .

I thought I'd be freaking out about the wedding by now, but I haven't had any time for that yet! I'm moving to Chez Bagpipes tonight so I've been busy packing my stuff. And going out on the town. And going to the gym! I put my weights up at Body Pump yesterday. I'm up to 20kg for the squats which is really good for me, hehe.

So I'm not freaking out, but I'm freaking EXCITED! I cannot wait for next Thursday. Whoa, what? Next Thursday? NEXT WEEK? OKAY maybe it is time to freak out. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

(NB: Come back on Wednesday coz I will tell you all about what's going to happen)

. . .

I had a comment in the last entry (hi Skinnie Minnie!) about skin. With 69 kilos gone you'd think I'd be a saggy baggy mess, but so far I am happy with how things are looking. Luckily I started lifting weights about September 2000, just 9 months into the Lard Busting Journey. There's been patches of months at a time when I didn't do this, but if you look at it over the four years I've done it more weeks than I haven't. So this seems to have helped a lot, exercise in general really helps.

Most of all the fact that is has taken me so damn long to lose this weight has probably given my skin time to adjust. It's not been a sudden and dramatic loss. My stomach is lardy, as are my upper arms and thighs, but it's all still fat there, not skin. I am never going to have one of these super sleek taut bodies – I was way too obese to ever recover fully – but at this stage I don't think there is going to be any great globs of skin. Let's see what happens anyway, I still have a long way to go, and I will definitely be upping the exercise to help things along as much as possible.

If you're quite overweight and reading this, please don't let the fear of skin deter you from losing weight. Just start exercising as soon as you possibly can and make sure lifting heavy objects is part of that!

17 thoughts on “Puffy

  1. Congrats on passing by the bread and butter! That’s always a challenge for me – I usually end up having some and then regretting it.

  2. 10 days to go!!! Wow, it’s coming so fast. It’s so exciting!!! Before you know it, you’ll be Mrs Bagpipes πŸ˜€

    Now puffiness, I can totally empathise. Foods I avoid when I want to bring down the bloat are starchy carbs, red meat, dairy, and anything with high sodium. I drink heaps of water and herbal tea, and I just found a good herbal ‘Fluid Retention’ supplement. Eat lots of fruit and vegies, especially celery and watermelon (if you can) because they’re also good for beating fluid retention. If all else fails, you could try a quick pre-nuptial sauna or steambath! heh.

  3. So exciting! Only 10 days! EEEEEEEEEEEE!

    You might want to try going to a health food shop and trying a natural diuretic supplement just for this. Celery and watermelon are all good, as is drinking loads of water and a steambath, but just in case you think you might be puffy, they might be able to help.

  4. 10 days!

    And then you will be a missus! Will you iron his shirts and pack his lunch too? Oh there is so much pleasure in these little things, trust me!

    Don’t eat brocolli or cauliflower or gabagge or similar veggies till the wedding. They retain water. Cut on the legumes too. And you may consider a warm cup of water with a lemon squeezed in first thing in the morning, if your blood pressure is not low, it does wonders to the bloat!

    *hugs* I’m looking forward to Wednesday!

  5. OMG 10 days to go! (well 9 by now). I’m so excited for you. Have a wonderful time.

    My own personal bloat foods are things like onions – smelly farts too! my advice would be to up your water intake over the next week – get the toxins flowing out of the body. But either way I’m sure you’ll be beautiful and glowing on the day. You look fab in your last photo.

  6. I recommend not eating anything salty – that makes me retain water and makes my face bloat up as well. Puffy eyes.

    About the skin – I’ve worried about that too, but I figure I’ll be much happier dealing with some loose skin than with an extra 120 pounds.

  7. well ball’n’chain ville is ready to welcome you πŸ™‚
    thank you for putting my mind at ease about the loose skin issue, its been one of my greatest deterrents to date (in losing weight that is) but with all the exercise etc. theres no chance now! thank you πŸ™‚
    if you want to help prevent the bloat you could stock up on the really watery veggies/fruits. melon, lettuce, cucumber etc. Asparagus and celery are mother natures diuretics as well as black pepper! and not only that but black pepper is also good for preventing gas/irritation/constipation or diarrhea (anything nasty relating to the intestine) so load up on the black peppercorns πŸ™‚

  8. NEXT WEEK!!

    EEEEEEEE! (think valley-girl squee of excitement)

    Thanks for mentioning the “skin thing” There’s so many TV shows of people who’ve lost a ton of weight and then go to have their scary saggy skin sliced off that a lot of people don’t realize that slow loss and strength training can prevent a LOT of it. I’ve lost 60lb, and many inches, and my flab is still just that: flab, not skin. Because I lost sloooooowly, with a 1-year plateau, and I work my muscles.

    But much more importantly: EEEEEEEEEE!! NEXT WEEK!

    You’ll be Mrs Dr Bagpipes (and he’ll be Dr Mr Dietgirl)

  9. I second what everyone else is saying, avoid the salt and up the water. I notice a huge difference in my fingers and ankles if I don’t do this regularly.

    As far as extra skin goes, like you, I’m not ever going to be a “skinny minnie” and I do worry about skin a bit. I’m taking so damned long to lose my weight though that my body seems to be adjusting. We’ll see what things look like in another 70 or so kilos but you’re right about the exercise, it makes a huge difference.

  10. Okay, firstly have you posted a pic of the dress or are you waiting to do Wedding Day pics? And I wanted to just add about skin, that if it takes you a long time to lose it, nothing goes flabby, so that is probably the only good thing about a slow weight loss. I’m so excited for you, but my only advice is to stay away from white carbs, pasta, rice, and bread all make me bloat up, and drink lots of water. But seems like you’re already doing that.

  11. I am too losing weight, and had never gave a second thought to skin. However it will not let me sleep tonight :/

  12. I totally agree with you about the weight loss/skin issue. I also don’t have a lot of loose skin either, but what I do doesn’t bother me. I consider the skin and the pesky stretch marks battle scars.

  13. Can’t help with the bloat thing.
    With the skin and such, I’ve heard that using cocoa butter & vitamin E cream (along with the weight training can help) – it’s what get recommended to pregnant women to limit stretch marks.
    I’m using it this time around, even though the last few times I’ve dropped weight there’s been no sagging. Better safe than sorry.

  14. why do people care what you do or don’t eat and or drink? that’s so none of their business. sheesh. good for you sticking to your own plan.

  15. (NB: Come back on Wednesday coz I will tell you all about what’s going to happen)

    I just wanted to remind you πŸ˜‰

  16. I have the same troubled spots – upper arms, upper legs, and tummy. I’ve been madly rubbing in firming cream but I don’t know if it’s working or not. Like you, I started out so big that I just don’t think there’s any possibility of not ending up with some extra skin. However, like Marla (LOVE YOU, Marla!), I’d still rather have the extra skin than the extra fat. πŸ™‚

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