Wednesday Weigh-In – Week Eleven

I clean forgot to post yesterday. But, huzzah! A loss of 1.1 kg this week puts me back at my pre-wedding lowest weight of 88.7 kg. I can’t be arsed with the stats – it’s the exact same figures as the Week Six Weigh-In if you feel like some number crunching 🙂

Hanna was asking in the last entry how come I moved so far out if I don’t like living out of town so much, and why didn’t we decide to get a place closer to the city as a compromise when we got married? And a fair question it was, considering how much I’d been complaining about it! It all came down to finances. The only reason I could afford to live in the inner city was because I was sharing a house with six other people. A two-person love nest was beyond out means – at least £500 per month for the same area, and that’s often for just one bedroom and a boxroom, and also excluding expenses and council tax! OUCH! It seemed an awful lot money to pay in dead rent. So for now we’re staying at Chez SC where things are far, far cheaper. This way we can hopefully start saving some money. Woohoo!

I’m feeling a lot calmer about my new surroundings and carving out a routine. The internet shopping is working like a charm, and we’ve been cooking really healthy nosh. One advantage of the new digs is that I now take the train to work. This involves a total of one hour’s walking to and from the station each day. So that’s five hours extra Moving Of My Lardy Arse per week without having to try! Kick ass.

So what can you guys tell me about workout DVDs? I wouldn’t mind having a few around for rainy days. Or bad hair days. I’m particularly interested in strength training, yoga, pilates-ish sorta stuff. And I want it to be challenging. I’ve seen people say good things FitPrime and Kick Butt ones from the Women’s Health & Fitness Network, which doesn’t ship outside North America, as well as The Firm and a few others. There doesn’t seem to be any in the UK that weren’t put out by some Z-list celebrity!

I had so much I wanted to write about but I better scoot so I don’t miss my train! Hope you’re all doing goooooood!

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  1. Hey if you’re interested I’m sure we could purchase what you’d want and ship it over to you….Billy and his Tae Bo stuff is always good…I haven’t gotten the new Boot Camp stuff, but it looks really good…lots of toning stuff…the Firm is good stuff as well…let me or any of your readers know and I’m sure we could hook you up……

  2. Go you! Lost the honeymoon lard already!

    I had a Billy Blanks workout video when I lived in the UK, it was a pretty good workout. I also had a video by Cindy Crawford and her personal trainer, it was actually designed for new mothers to get back in shape, but that made it perfect for unfit me, it had a really nice 10min mini-workout that was great just for getting the kinks out after a day at a desk. The Cindy Crawford one seems to be only on video though, not DVD.

    Since you like Body Combat, maybe Billy Blanks would be for you?

  3. I second the Yoga suggestion. My man likes Tai Chi but I can’t get into it for some reason. I like pilates but he can’t get into that – but for some reason we both like yoga. I don’t know if SC would be up for the bending but its fun to do it together and look like complete goofs.

    I also wanted to add my sympathies about the housing. I too have been banished from city living given the costs. However snuggling up with the boy makes up for it. I bet you’d agree.

  4. That is awesome that you are back to pre-wedding weight! I wanted to mention that you need to make sure that the DVD you buy is formatted for your region ( ). I know they do this for films but not sure about workout DVD’s, just wanted to mention it in case someone sent you something from the US or Cananda without realizing.

  5. I love the Q-Fit Balance Ball work out! IT’s a good 30 minute workout with abs/weight/etc fun but challenging..

    It’s got an Australian host who says at point “it’s a great workout for the backyard” which never fails to make me laugh.

    and I like Marie windsor’s 3 20 minute dvds – i use the arms and buns alot. Gentle but a good workout.

  6. Freaky – I reviewed a DVD on my site the other day… Lucy Knight YogaBall. Pop over to the blog to check out my review. (I’m too lazy to cut and paste – plus I like checking out the stats for my site and it’s boring if no-one ever looks at it)

  7. For me the best workout tape will always be the Suzanne Dando’s Flexercise. IT has helped me lose weight and keep fit so many times that I am surprised I haven’t bust it.

  8. I love my Crunch Yoga DVD, now known as Crunch Total Yoga. Amazon UK has it but it only seems to come in the Region 1 format which would mean you’d need a multi-region DVD player.

    I started with this workout on videotape years ago when I was at my lardiest and most unfit, and although I’ve made some strides since then it’s still challenging enough to make me sweat. It’s doable and I feel SO GOOD afterwards, like I just gave myself a big long massage (ahem). The gym-my tone of it is a little controversial; this is not for devotees of the spiritual-ethereal school of yoga, and some people object to the perkiness of the instructor. It’s a workout, but an exceptionally balanced one. I even got my husband to do this one with me, as he’s trying to recover from a martial arts injury. It kicked his ass, but he liked it.

    By the way, thanks for that Couch-to-5K link. I never thought I’d be able to take up running, but I just did Day 4 and I’m loving it!

  9. I don’t know about a DVD but I just wanted to say that I have been done yoga for 9 weeks and I feel great. It really helps back aches. I’d highly recommend it.

  10. I’m crazy about the Cardio Blast series, which I tape on Fit TV – don’t know if you have that channel. Some of the episodes are step aerobics, but I do the strength-training ones. They’re KILLER and you get a lot of cardio in too. They are also available online at – haven’t noticed whether they are UK format or just NTSC.

  11. I sympathize with the whole relocation problem. Edinburgh property prices and rents are HORRENDOUS. Which is why I live with my folks, which I can see might lead to _rather_ a long commute for you! But I’m glad you’re settling in. Five extra hours of walking a week – go you!

  12. Yaaaaaaaaaay for the pre-wedding weight!!!
    And 3000 applauses for your championship in adjusting!
    You are such a star my darling friend!!!!
    And hey!
    We are in the same weight now!!!
    Let’s push each other mooooooooore!!!!!!!!

  13. I work out at home a lot and got most of my tapes because of recommendations on Video Fitness ( It’s a huge community that even has a video selector to help you find a workout you like among the tons of workout videos/dvds that are out there. There’s also a section for trading videos you don’t want anymore for videos you do want which I think is neat. Especially since it can be hard to get some videos in Europe.

  14. – aka Aerobics Oz Style. The even ship internationally. Lots of pilates, though I’m hanging out for the belly dancing workout.

    And pretty much every DVD player ever produced has a hack to make it multi region. You just have to Google for it (gaming consoles are trickier). Generally involves punching keys on the remote in certain order. Easy-peasy.

  15. Billy Blanks boot camp series is ass-kickin fun. Love it. I also bought a dance pad that hooks up to the xbox- you follow dance moves and it has a workout option as well that tracks your “steps”, mileage and calories burned- but you are dancing the whole time to some fun music- nice break from serious exercise.

  16. Santana C., you mean Dance Dance Revolution!!! Covet, covet, covet. If only I could let a game console into the same house with my husband, but I can’t. Long story.

  17. I have several FIRM videos that I’d ship over (along with The Fanny Lifter that goes with) if you can get your hands on an American format VCR. Seriously, they make me cry the day after I use them because movement is so painful. 🙂

  18. It’s not a DVD but it you want to do weights why not try The Body Doctor’s (The Bodydoctor: In 6 Weeks Take 5 Inches Off Your Waist, Lose a Stone, Double Your Fitness)book which has a series of upper body exercises you do on a swiss ball (v. cheap from Argos), followed by squats, lunges, leg lifts, ab work and stretches (only the upper body exercises are done on the swiss ball I hasten to add!). If you incorporate your running as the cardio that’s part of the workout you can do the whole thing at home. It’s a fantastic workout and really tones you up. I really recommend it!
    You can get it on here

  19. PS. I also recommend Billy Blank’s Tae Bo dvds and Cindy Crawfords 2nd workout video/dvd – this it’s called ‘The Next Challenge’ (the first one is unsafe for the back so avoid it!)

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