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It’s been a week of ups and downs. The first down was weighing in and finding out I’d gained four pounds over the previous two weeks. If you don’t mind I won’t be updating the weight on the sidebar because it’s too bloody depressing, and I am determined to reverse it as soon as possible.

Admittedly my eating hadn’t been perfect, but the real killer has been the drastic reduction in my exercise. I’m just not burning the same amount of calories. My cardio is restricted to bike and elliptical trainer on doctors orders, which can get mighty tedious no matter how funky the tunes are on your iPod.

And I miss my weight training so badly. I’m strictly forbidden to do lower body weights, and looks like upper body weights are out for now too – I did Cathe’s Pyramid Upper Body last weekend and was in agony afterwards – screaming shoulders and back – and not in that pleasant, smug muscle singing way. It seemed to exacerbate the problems I’ve been having. After a week on holiday I thought I was mended again, but as soon as I got back to work and computering again, things started to hurt. Despite being extra vigilant about posture.

Even Pilates is a bitch. Between the knee and the shoulder, the simplest moves feel awkward or painful, like the all-fours box position (kneeling hurts), or the most basic face-down "swimming" move where you simply lift your arm off the floor (poor mobility in that bloody shoulder). I’m so busy trying to arrange my body in the least painful configuration that I forget to do my breathing and stomach contractions properly, which is the whole bloody point of Pilates.

So I definitely need to speak to the physio, yes indeedy. But can I just vent for a minute?

ARRRGH! ARrrghhhh! AaaarrrghHHH!

So that’s why I haven’t written here all week. Have just felt too bloody demoralised and didn’t want to come here just to whinge.

I am sick of the sound of myself! I missing feeling sporty and strong. Instead I feel flabby and paranoid. I’m convinced my biceps are deflating and my stomach is one jiggling, untamed tsunami of flesh.

But I did say there were Up moments this week! It’s been raining all week, which hasn’t helped my mood, but there was a brief chink of dry yesterday in which I was out on my bike. I felt so much more comfortable with that machine, I wobbled less and I even went down a hill and enjoyed it! Okay, it was hardly Everest. But it was slope in the park that I used to whinge about when I had to run up it, so I will count that as progress. I had such a great time. This could be my saviour!

I need to stay positive, instead of moping about wishing I could get a transplant for the entire right side of my body. I need to get through this. I need to find ways to burn calories without causing further injury. I might need to eat less to compensate. But I can’t keep letting things overwhelm me and let even more pounds sneak back on. It may take longer and I may have to do it differently than I’d planned, but I’m too close to the end to screw it up now.


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  1. When you are doing an exercise….like the elliptical…that you really don’t care for try listening to a book on tape, or i-Pod. The secret is to only let yourself listen when you are exercising. If is is a good mystery or suspense book you will find you can’t wait to get back to your i-Pod and elliptical.

  2. Ooh, I would hate to give up weights! Wishing a speedy return to normal for you. Are you allowed to do step aerobics? That’s not something I care for myself, I am too uncoordinated, but Cathe has some killer workouts.

  3. Tried acupuncture? I had a frozen shoulder from manic piano practice and had some sessions of acupuncture. Could feel the pain relief instantly, took about three sessions, but I still had to do exercises for mobility. Was just a lot easier.

  4. Tried acupuncture? I had a frozen shoulder from manic piano practice and had some sessions of acupuncture. Could feel the pain relief instantly, took about three sessions, but I still had to do exercises for mobility. Was just a lot easier.

  5. Your bike is your friend. Is it your bike or are you still borrowing yer man’s? You are near the wonderful Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative (‘The Revolution Will Not Be Motorised’) they have online routes and are helpful and sell their own makes of bikes and are just wonderful:

    also Sustrans have routes:

    Basically, plan a couple of days out – go to Edinburgh on bike, or somewhere mad in Fife. Plan the route so you are on nice empty roads etc, and go somewhere. No speed, just distance, enjoy the journey and get used to it.

    I always try to cycle to work – this has sometimes meant an hour on the bike going up hills that at first I have to dismount to get up, but once you can get into that, it is ace. Like the euphoria of running without the pain. It does help if there is somewhere to shower at work…

    The only thing is to ensure that the bike is set up for you – after a few kilometres if can get the back if you aren’t careful. Running is the ONLY thing that sorts out my back pain, canoeing was the only thing for an ex. Time for a new sport? Canoeing for you?

    Sorry, too long a first comment on this site… and not even amusing.

  6. that’s a great idea, marilyn πŸ™‚

    howdy marlababy! unfortunately step is out. all that jumping on and off the step action was too much impact for the knee and made it worse. i tried cathe’s LowMax step dvd which was meant to be low impact but unfortunately it aggravated things. i even tried doing it on the floor without a step at all but no good. let me know if you want a barely used copy of LowMax *g*

    g’day gaby! accupunture sounds good, might give it a go once i’ve talked to the physio.

    hi donalda! yep do have my own bike now and it’s the coop’s brand, i looove it! i am just concentrating on learning how to ride after an 18 year break and luckily we have some great bike paths out here, woohoo!

  7. Just know that we’re all rooting for you, DG. You’ll find a new balance sooner or later. How about a spinning class? Or maybe find some place to have your body mass measured so you don’t keep freaking out about the scale number? I’d also look into the acunpuncture or a osteopath.

  8. Oh, forgot a top tip I heard recently – audio books whilst doing sport! And you ONLY listen to them whilst doing sport, no sneakily trying to find out what happens next by listening at home. This is, apparently, the phenomenon driving the upturn in audio book sales – a trip to the library in order?

  9. Hihihehehehahahahah… πŸ˜€ Your last word made me remember one cool scene from Smack the Pony (familiar?!?). Here goes:

    Rah! Rah! Rahrahrah! [raaa-raaa-raaaraaraaa]
    Vegetarians canΒ΄t dance! [UK accent]
    Rah! Rah! Rahrahrah!
    Eat more meat!

    My two cents again and by the way FINLAND WON THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST YESTERDAY FIRST TIME EVER (40 years)!!!!!! I couldnΒ΄t hold it πŸ™‚ Hard rock hallelujah baby.

  10. How about swimming? Are there any pools in your area? I know it sounds cliche but – it may be the low-resistance you need and you can make it as aerobic as you need. Please, don’t tell me you’re an aussie that can’t swim πŸ˜€

    Good luck!

  11. How frustrating. Have you tried doing a cardio circuit – 10 mins bike, 10 mins elliptical etc. That’s the only way I can do that stuff.

    Hope the health issues are sorted soon.

  12. hi from Aus DG, sorry to hear about the inability to exercise, eating less may be the best option, just cut out a grain serve, it’s not as terrible as it sounds if you double up on veges… just a suggestion πŸ™‚ with any luck you’ll be sorted in a few weeks, but in the meantime, it’s just a few pounds, you have lost so many and these few are not going to send you back to 300lbs ok! try to remember just how far you’ve already come and this is such a tiny blip on the big picture that in a few months time you’ll be thinking, oh why did i even worry… keep smiling and REST!

  13. I’m sympathetic to the boringness of the bike and elliptical. When I was wounded and had to stick to those, I used to read the most guilt-inducing magazines. Pure gossipy drivel or ridiculous women’s magazines. It was distracting enough to get me through the exercise, and it was a guilty pleasure I’d look forward to since it was the only time I’d read them. Worth a try if it keeps you on the bike, eh?

  14. i forgot to say in my earlier message, you are only imagining your toned body is disappearing, it really isn’t, just ask hubby and i’m sure he’ll be the first to say it’s just because you are feeling crap cause you can’t exercise at your full strength!

  15. I’m with Anji – how about swimming? Are there any local pools you can go to and use a water noodle so that you don’t have to kick and can just use your upper body? Think of the awesome arms you’d have!!!

  16. I love the noodle!! I am looking forward to getting back in the water, it’s about the only exercise I can do. If you’re close to a pool, Deep Water workouts are definitely worth checking out! They’re as easy or as difficult as you want to make them.

  17. Dear DG

    Really really feel for you. When you’re down, sometimes helpful hints aren’t helpful but as you say you’ve come so far! This setback will, in time, pass. And in the meantime, your lovely online chums are sharing the benefit of their experience. So, how about…walking? Not a gentle stroll around the top spots of Edinburgh but some serious power walking? I’ve just done the Playtex Moonwalk (full marathon) and it’s coming to your city in four weeks’ time! Maybe it’s not too late? I resisted power walking (it just reminded me of all the times I was late for things and felt anxious) but it’s the one thing that I’ve stuck at – together with Bodydoctor – that has made a real difference. Also, if there’s a lot you can’t do in gym at the moment, do you want a constant reminder?

    And with walking, you have so much freedom, can listen to music/talking books (a long walk takes a long time!) and see/feel the benefits v.quickly.

    It sounds like you need a change of scene and maybe powerwalking could be just the thing you need right now.

    Good luck! And hang on in there.

  18. Glad you’re enjoying the bike. I picked mine up from the bike shop on Saturday after it had been in for a mini service and then rode it home – 7.9 miles. That was so good but I got a puncture a couple of minutes from my house! So now have to take it back to the bike shop again next Saturday…
    I’m surprised your calorie burning has dropped because the elliptical is supposed to be the highest calorie burner in the gym.
    I’ve had a lazy weekend (apart from the long cycle) and focused on tidying up instead.

  19. Do you have Spinning as an option??? It gives you THE BEST WORKOUT! AND it totally strengthens your core. Plus the instructor can help you with your form on the bike for when you ride on your own. The classes are usually set to awesome music and working with a group makes the time fly by. You set your own pace and you decide if you want stand or do any of the other moves… I had an accident in March which resulted in a bum knee and a broken rib and Spinning bothers neither injury. I recently gained 8 from the aforementioned body damage. It’s tough to alter your diet to make up for lack of exercise… Keep on top of it!! And don’t get discouraged!! You are very motivating — even when you have a bad day!!!

  20. Lynne baby! Spinning rules! i’ve been spinning for the past year. Well, I do RPM which is a very similiar class. It is the only cardio I’ve found that knackers me as much as running used to. I love the variations of intensity.

    It doesn’t bother my knee too much if I make sure to get the seat position right and be careful when doing the standing bits – making sure knees are tracking properly. Unfortunately my most-convenient class Monday arvo class got cancelled so there’s only one per week i can get to now. Sniffle… Luckily I have the Real Life bike now, hehe.

    So, i spin but i can’t swim! shame on me! most un-australian. must re-learn sometime πŸ™‚

    Had a few queries re my calorie burning – i do burn a lot with the cycling/elliptical cardio, and maybe a tad with pilates/yoga/etc… but overall i am missing out from the lack of weight training – there’s 2-3 hours week gone from my schedule. i can’t make up for all that with extra cardio because i would die. mwahhaa.

    cheers for your great ideas folks, they’re always, always appreciated!!!

  21. Not sure if you’ve tried it/don’t like it but if it is an option Winsor Pilates is supposed to be quite good for toning. The Hips, Bun & Thigh workout goes for 16 minutes and you do it lying down (if your butt didn’t feel like it was on fire you could almost nap). I’ve never done it consistently enough to see huge results, or tried the other workouts, but my sis got buns o’ steel and my ma toned up using it. Whatever you do you should be really proud of your attitude and achievements.

  22. Two weeks at WW and 2.6kgs lost! Woo hoo
    With 9.4kgs to go, goal is firmly in my sights.


  23. Y’know, I was re-reading Tales from the Scale the other day.. this post reminds me the time you beat up the wheel of your car because you were so cranky about your Pump class being cancelled. Such an exercise junkie now.

    The swimming (or learning to swim) thing is a good idea, but I’ve suggested that to you for a couple of years now and don’t think I’ll change your mind now πŸ˜›

    My serious honest opinion is to suck up the willpower, eat stringently for two weeks and ease up on the exercise. It may mean 14 days of really boring food, but if your body is sending out pain signals, then maybe you should listen to it a bit more closely. Otherwise the next injury might keep you out of the gym altogether. Not wanting to sound all gloom and doom babe, just would hate to see you out the race towards your goal weight finish line *hugs*

  24. onya, kellie. that’s great πŸ™‚

    jovey babe, you are totally right. i don’t want to end up with long-term probs. and again you are right, this is just like the Steering Wheel Incident! Mwahah!

    and i WILL take you up on the swimming, there’s a pool ten mins from my house. it’s just that i haven’t found someone to teach me yet. i’ve found adult swim classes but they are aimed at folk who can’t even float. i just want someone to give me a Freestyle refresher πŸ™‚

  25. Restricting exercise is so sucky but lucky you never has to restrict what goes on in your mind πŸ™‚

    And you are now the lucky owner of the letter “T”. I will be back. πŸ˜€

  26. Hi – Strangely enough, I’ve been a dedicated what’s new, pussycat reader for a long time, and I totally missed the comments – but then I found this site today via Half of Me!

    I just wanted to say hi and thanks for the site – I find it really hard to write about weight loss, even though it is a big part of my life, and so it’s neat to find other people doing it. Thanks – you rock!

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