You asked for Chicago photies and I shall obey you!

Exhibit A: Token Food P0rn


American Snacks were provided yesterday afternoon so I got to experience Chicago Dogs and these giant pretzel things, served with mustard and a delicious pile of yellow goo!

Exhibit B: Brush With Fame


Jen and I went to a lunch with Jillian Michaels, trainer extraordinaire from The Biggest Loser show – just a dozen or so chicks sitting round chatting to this superbuff dame. She was only obliged to be there for an hour but instead it almost hit two because she just wouldn’t shut up, in the most wonderfully open, honest way. Sweeeet.

Exhibit C: Windswept Vixens


Back: Jen of AFG and YAWWBlog, Queen Jennette. Front: Corinna of Celebration of Curves, that Dietgirl weirdo, Wendy! Five chicks who happen to write about their bodies sometimes. But a helluva lot of other stuff too.

Late last night I also got to hang out with Weetabix but I was too intoxicated to remember to take a photo! But you will just have to take my word for it that she is hilarious, foxy and a most generous hostess to boot.

Over the past year or I’ve felt a little lost. First I went through a phase of being rather obsessed with reaching my magical goal weight, then lately I’ve moved on from that obsession and lumped with a sinking What The Fuck Do I Do Now feeling. Because I’ve spent 6.5 years pouring so much energy into Operation Lard Bust. I’ve wondered and worried as to what I’m all about; what there is to me aside from being The Chick That Lost Heaps Of Weight.

But meeting all these foxy vixens this weekend has truly kicked me up the butt. I met them because of what they’ve written about their body Issues, but now I’ve found out more about what they do and what they think about when they’re not talking about their butts. So it’s a timely reminder that there is so much more; that I have done so much more with my life than this. And I can do so much more. We all can. You can look after your body and get healthy and sweaty but it’s just one cog in the wheel. Rock n roll.

27 thoughts on “Evidence

  1. BABY! You should be modelling with those pictures!

    I have never seen you looking more stunningly beautiful. You know me well enough to know I am not shooting hot stream up your clacker. You are absolutely striking.

    Jillian?! WOW! I would LOVE to hear more about what she said and what you got out of her talk.

    I think the Blogher meet sounds amazing.

    PS. Your waist! Where did it go?

  2. You all look great. But it’s interesting that you mention something I hear about a lot: what do you do to fill the void when your life’s no longer about losing weight? I always tell people to deal with that “problem” well before they hit their goal. But it’s a nice problem to have, isn’t it?

  3. I’m a lurker – I’ve stalled on my quest to lose about 15 kg before pregnancy plans throw my body out of whack forever – but I simply must chime in to say that you look HOTTTT in these pictures! As you’ve already realized, it’s silly to obsess about your goal weight (a couple of numbers, really) when you look and feel great. You’re inspiring me to go for a run today and burn off a few more calories! Way to go, Shauna!

  4. Debbi – my thing is that i THOUGHT i had a void but i didn’t really. i started living a fuller life very early on in my journey (i HATE that word) with all the travel and stuff, but because i’ve been writing so much about the fat stuff lately i really lost sight of that.

    but it remains a good question though… what next. i cannae wait to find out hen!

    and thanks for the kind comments, you lovely dames πŸ™‚

  5. Oh I am so envious of you! What a wonderful time at Blogher. And let me chime in: you look GORGEOUS in the photos. You’re what they used to call a bombshell!

  6. DG, you are a SPUNK! Look at you!
    I am so happy you had a great time (did you actually eat that stuff? Was it nice?) and met more blog royalty πŸ™‚
    Also extremely jealous LOL

  7. I agree and think you look stunning. You and Jillian look like gym buddies!! She sounds very down to earth!!

    As for the void, you have plenty ahead of you babe:

    Kids if you decide you want them, will take up a spare bit of time.

    It’s all ahead of you now and it will be a lot brighter because of all the hard work and determination that has got you through the last 6.5 years.

    Love ya.

  8. You met JILLIAN MICHAELS??!! I’m so envious…..

    And I have to join the consensus – you look fabulous, gorgeous and ..um…fabulous. (Lost for words, here)

  9. Shauna, just have to say that in that last photo you have the most beautiful jaw and neck line. You look fantastic kiddo!!

  10. You look amazing and Jillian Michaels looked amazing and I’m so incredibly jealous.

    I don’t think you’re really wondering what to do now are you? I know it’s weird having a blog called dietgirl when you’ve pretty much finished dieting and are onto maintaining but it just shows where you’ve come from as much as anything.

    Anyway, gazillions of readers can’t be wrong – we all still hang on your every word…

  11. You look FABBY, FABBY, FABBY!

    You’ve said goodbye to the flab and LOOK at what you’re doing with your life. You’ve done so much and you have so much more to do. You will come back inspired, I am sure. You’ve reached your goal and now it’s time to set some new ones – that aren’t about lardbusting!

    Go, gorgeous DG, go!

    Big kiss.

    Mrs Lard xxxxxx

  12. Excellent blog, and excellent point about not getting too caught up with weight. There’s so much more to life.

    I agree with the others; you are stunning. Congratulations on reaching your goal. πŸ™‚

  13. Phwooar! You, my dear, look fabulous. And honestly, it’s so not even about the weight side of things. You look so happy and glowy and lit from the inside.

    Glad you got to meet some heroes and eat yellow goo. What more can you ask for?


  14. Maintaining one’s weight in a healthy range is a new and challenging experience for those of us who spent much of our lives either gaining or losing. One reason I went to work for WWers was to stay in touch with the good health and behavioral change aspects of the journey (hey….its a perfectly decent word!!). Blogging also helps.

    I don’t think maintaining is HARDER than losing, however. I just think it involves more effort because it LASTS longer (hopefully!).


    P.S. Yes, I agree with everyone else that you look stunning. I hope you didn’t eat that yellow goo stuff, tho.

  15. I really wish I’d gotten to meet you at BlogHer! Wasn’t it amazing? I’m still overwhelmed at it all.

    I know what you mean about getting so invested in one thing (especially when that thing is weight loss) that it can kind of drive your life. Right now that thing for me has been cooking and blogging, and my weight has suffered for it. It’s hard to have more than one burning passion! But I think you’re a great role model of someone who is doing more with her life.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog–and please come out of lurkdom more often!

  16. Shauna you rock! I love that the pic of the five of us is making the rounds of all our blogs! It was fabulous meeting you and I really hope we have a chance to talk in person again. Come to New York!

    Love, Corinna

  17. What a fabulous read – I’ve never been to anything like that, but I kind of did the same thing on my trip of the US and Canada, meeting bloggers and readers everywhere I went. It rocks!

    Some of this post I feel like I could have written – I’ve been feeling similar things of late. For so long you invest so much of your life in your weight loss and healthy lifestyle, when you no longer need that intense focus when you reach goal you do start to wonder whether you’ll always be known as the girl who lost heaps of weight….I know for myself it’s something that’s becoming less and less relevant in my life now. No one in my life now, apart from a few old friends, knew me overweight, so it’s not an issue. It’s nice. I feel like I can just be, for a while, while I figure out what I want to do next…. πŸ™‚

    The photos are stunning, you look so happy.

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