Dietgirl on BBC Radio London

Two cracking new reviews today:

  • A five out of five review on the fabulous chick-lit blog Trashionista
  • Marshmallow's comprehensive review begins: "When a package arrived at my office earlier in the week, I let out the biggest squeal ever… it was so loud, that some of my work colleagues who were in an audioconference were left to explain to potential customers in Australia the apparent sound of a pig being slaughtered outside the meeting room"

I was also on BBC Radio London last night prattling on to Jumoké Fashola. I have to say female interviewers ask the best questions – they tend to go deeper than the Whoa What Did You Eat When You Were HUGE type of questions 🙂

I'll be in Dublin on Thursday for some interviews, including Ray Darcy Show on Today FM at 11.20AM. My first ever jaunt to Ireland will only be for about ten hours, but I cannae wait. I just hope I can understand those foxy accents!

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