Fitness Fantasies

I want to know about your fantasies. Tell me every filthy detail!

Don't worry, this site hasn't been hijacked by a sleazy spammer! I am talking about fitness fantasies.

You know how people say, "well it's all very well for Oprah with her personal chef and trainers and all!" blah blah blah. Well let's just pretend we're in an alternate universe in which money and time are no object. In terms of fitness and healthy livin', anything is possible. Anything at all. Nothing is too ridiculous.

What would you do? Who would you like to meet? Where would you go? What would you purchase? What would you like to try?

  • I would go on a poncy yoga retreat (for beginners) on an exotic island where you get massages and tropical fruits between the bendy classes.
  • A gym would open up at the end of my street with Body Jam, Body Pump, yoga, Pilates and spinning classes at times very convenient to me.
  • Just in case I couldn't be arsed walking to the end of my street, there'd be a magical home gym in my fantasy spare room. It would have one mirrored wall, gobs of free weights and kettlebells, a punching bag, a spinning bike, a treadmill and a cushioned floor so I bust some kickboxing moves. Oh oh oh and a widescreen wall-mounted telly to do workout DVDs.
  • I would visit Cathe Friedrich's gym in New Jersey and attend some of her classes.
  • I'd have a personal training session with Bob and Jillian here in Scotland. It would crack me up no end to walk up Dunfermline high street with Jillian Michaels and see her WTF-ing at Greggs The Bakers et al.
  • Before she nipped off back to LA, Jillian would make me a personal MP3 workout so I could do cardio with her yelling, LAST CHANCE WORKOUT, GINGER! I really need heavy-handed motivation when it comes to cardio.

    Note to Jillian: have you considered selling downloadable audio workouts, a la iTrain or CardioCoach? So cheap to produce, so much less work than that fancy WiiFit stuff!

  • I would have a wardrobe makeover with a crack team of fashion experts, They would bring the clothes to me as shops make me grumpy.
  • I would have an Access All Areas pass to the London 2012 Olympics. Just to watch, mind. No athletic delusions here.
  • I would have a column in a mag like Zest or Self for which I'd be obliged to try a different and wildly expensive sport every month and it would pay so handsomely I wouldn't have to do anything else.
  • I would have an endless supply of ultra-flattering Ellie Gray contour gym pants.

  • And non-skanky quality gym t-shirts.
  • And it would be great if they could all be self-laundering.
  • I would have an endless supply of TJ's Crunchy Roasted Almond Butter.

  • I would have a massive vegetable garden where everything always grew properly. There'd be delicious selection of baby salad greens growing all year round regardless of neglect and snails.
  • Someone would invent a bra as effective as the Enell but not in that creepy fabric.
  • I would have the Mother of All Fitness Gadgets strapped to my wrist. Stylish heart rate monitor GPS route planner barcode scanner MP3 player Swiss Army Knife… that's another post altogether.
  • I would posses a gym bag that can actually contain all of my kickboxing sparring gear PLUS my yoga mat… so on Monday night everyone at kickboxing can stop making the "Whoa, are you going camping again?" jokes every time I tumble into the room like a packhorse

I could go on all day but I will spare you.

Dr G has shared his fantasies too:

  • To be totally fit and buff without any effort and/or drug abuse on my part to avoid putting on my annual "winter coat" of lard.
  • To be able to consume copious amounts of real ale, crisps and chips with curry sauce without any effect on my waistline.
  • To have time and health to complete all 283 Munros, including overcoming vertigo to do the really dodgy ones.

This post was inspired by the amazing Angie of You Look Fab who recently wrote about her fashion fantasies.

So… do you have any fitness fantasies that you want to share? Please be as elaborate, wild and unrealistic as you like. The wackier the better!

75 thoughts on “Fitness Fantasies

  1. I always have the same fitness fantasy: We move to Hawaii, to a house with a private beach and a pool. I start my days with fresh fruit from our garden, go for a swim, then for a bike ride. On the weekends we go on hikes.

  2. Training would be my job, but I could still have sick & vacation pay, and it would come with a personal trainer who would know what kind of a mood I was in without me having to say, so he’d know when to push & when to just pour me a glass of wine.

    Also – a fantastic home gym. With a lap pool.

  3. LOVE THIS POST! My fitness fantasies revolve a ton around feelings and accomplishment. I dream about the things I’d be able to do with my body that make me feel strong and like I can accomplish things. Running a marathon, making it through a spinning class and feeling rejuvenated, anything that combines using my body for both fitness and spirituality(like Yoga), climbing rocks and to the tops of mountains, swimming long distances…these are the things that I was to get healthy to be able to accomplish and I know that the day that I do them it will bring tears to my eyes!

  4. I’d have a top-notch personal chef who’d create low-fat masterpieces three times a day and also a maid so that I could focus all of my efforts on fitness and the charitable work that I love to do.

    I’d spend a month of two in a health spa and come back home to a personal trainer who would help me get into marathon running shape and lift heavier and heavier weights.

    I’d find a clothing outlet that specializes in work out gear that would actually fit a 6’3″ woman, and I’d have a lifetime supply of totally rad work out clothes in great colors, with matching shoes.

    A gorgeous pool would appear in my back yard as well as a home fitness room AND a HOT TUB room with a state-of-the-art stereo system so that I can relax and work out with my favorite tunes.

    A new product would be invented just as I reached goal weight that would REALLY get rid of stretch marks, wrinkles, scars, etc. And a lifetime supply would be delivered to my door.

    A full-time landscaper would appear to take care of my organic garden and to do all the yard work for DH.

    I’d run into everyone who was thin in high school and had been mean to those whose bodies didn’t fit the fashion trends of the time. They’d all be fat and wrinkled now. Everytime I ran into one, I’d be much nicer to them then they ever were to me and I’d try real hard not to feel smug and self-satisfied– but being human, I probably wouldn’t succeed. LOL

  5. this is not that wacky. but i would looove a membership at the centralbadet gym in stockholm (where i live) its very exclusive and has lots of wonderful and marvelous things and treatments.
    i found their page in english if anyone wants to see:
    a halfyear membership is “just” 373 pounds or 592 dollars.. a little out of my range…

  6. as always you are too cute. And no chef to prepare the veggies? I definitely think you need a gardener AND a chef.

    I have been thinking about what you said about kids and diabetes. Do you just avoid this topic with your mom (as water under the bridge?) or if you have talked about it – what does she say now she was thinking then?

  7. I tried really hard to think of some fantasies…but mine are mostly already true. (Smug, ain’t I?) I can add these:

    Live-in physiotherapist/remedial masseur who can switch to relaxation masseur when required. While I’m at it, I’ll just add a spa at the back of the house. Hot rocks, vichy shower, beauty therapists, the works.

    Personal chef – but it has to be My Chef Sara, cos she’s gorgeous and loves healthy food that tastes great, just how I like it.

    One of those big glass enviro-dome thingies, with my own park/walking trails/outdoor workout facilities. Oh – and an athletics track, full-size Olympic deal. Bad weather? Pfft.


  8. To complete the London Marathon. Probably everyone else’s fantasy too but the sense of achievement would be awesome!

  9. Oh I have to second you on the non-skanky gym shirts. Between working out and painting, my entire wardrobe has become something I can’t wear in public, everything is tattered and stained.

    The main item would be a personal chef to make delicious and healthy meals, without my having to plan them or shop for them, cook them or clean up after! It’s shocking how much of my time goes to food prep.

  10. Oh this is fun!

    1) I want a brand new ipod nano, with an arm thingy so I can wear it running, and every time I plug it in to my computer I can download as much music as I want free.

    2) I want to buy everything I see on (workout clothes for every activity).

    3) A good workout bra that doesn’t cost $100.

    4) I want to start my own blog so I can vent my issues and save my husband’s sanity.

    5) A gym branch closer to my home.

    6) and at that branch closer to my home, a wider variety of classes scheduled when I can actually take them not at 5:00 am, lunch time, or after 6:00pm.

    7) I want to buy yummy veggies that will sit in my fridge all cut up and crip so I can snack on them or make a salad without worry if they have turned into green slime in the two days since I bought them.

    8) I want to go to a fancy spa where I can hike or do yoga all day, eat yummy spa food, and be pampered without feeling guilty. Oh and this spa has to be in a more exotic location than the Southwest of America. Hawaii if I have to stay in the states or maybe some tropical island.

  11. My fitness fantasy is actually pretty simple and I actually wish for it quietly to myself evry day.:( 1. I want a Garmin! 2. I would love to live near a beautiful,scenic bike trail to run/bike on. It’s almost time to for Santa,maybe i need to put at least one of those things on my list!

  12. Ha, ha, fitness fantasies, I love it!!!

    My fitness fantasies would be:

    – Pilates on demand, not just when the bloke who teaches has decided the classes should be

    – a gymkit fairy to turn up with flattering, clean gym kit whenever it’s needed so that I don’t have to schlep it round with me all day

    – magic trainers that are as bouncy as a new, unworn pair for every aerobics class

    – perfect, not too hot weather for impromptu walking/cycling/ running

    – to complete a belly dance class without one incident of moving “Englishly”

    Hmmm, that was strangely cathartic. I wonder why?

  13. I LOVE this post!!! My fantasies? I have a truly humongous garden room which is my home gym – it’s got massive French windows on to the terrace so I can do yoga outside, a huge widescreen tv for those fitness DVD’s (snap!) and loads of cardio equipment, proper spin bikes and a power plate. I work from home, but not for many hours a day, and I have a personal trainer who comes pretty much every day to kick my ass at yoga, dance, spin, running and more. I also have a beach house somewhere perfect for surfing / windsurfing (pref somewhere hot!) and a ski chalet for winter sports and summer mountain biking. Basically – zero excuses!!

  14. Well they’re not very wacky, but my fitness fantasies involve lots of personal attention from knowledgeable trainers and instructors that could help me, at the age of 31, to start practicing ballet, tap and jazz, to participate in dance productions, to learn tumbling and gymnastics and to become more disciplined with yoga.
    I’d also love to have a fairytale-like estate with acres and acres of both woodsy and manicured grounds to wander through during daily walks and runs.

  15. What a great idea to fantasize about! It’s weird that the first things that pop into my head are actually pretty feasible. Hrm. *scratches head*

    What I really want, though? Unrealistically? A combination of ALL of the above :oD …of course starting with a yoga and “finding myself” month in India. Plus: A personal motivator. So no matter how close the gym is, or the swimming pool in my garden, whenever I feel like “nah… don’t wanna… let’s just skip workout today”, there is someone who drags my lazy ass there. And not in a mean way, but in exactly whatever way is appropriate at that time (a kick in the butt or a gentle nudge, depending on my day).

  16. I have travel and food fantasies, so now I can add some fitness fantasies.

    1. Pilates machine and someone to show me how to use it
    2. a sunroom for all season exercising and gardening including a some free weights and an ellipital machine and a fig tree
    3. space for a plethora of beds and cold frames for all the veggies and herbs and fruits I could ever want
    4. a ski in/out condo or cottage at an awesome ski resort
    5. bike lanes and greenways for biking and walking so the car can stay parked more and we can walk to the good beer store and bar

  17. oohh aaahhh let me think for a minute.

    1. a personal trainer/life coach with me 24/7 so i can stick to my program
    2. a personal chef to cook all my meals
    3. to look like jackie warner
    4. to wingsuit BASEjump like heather swan (an Aussie world record breaker)
    5. a HUUUGE room at the back of my mansion with floor to ceiling windows that look over my HUUGE fragrant cottage garden with ALLL the equipment i need and a HUUUGE plasma screen for motivational dvd’s
    6. to be fit enough to be able to go for a training ride with lance armstrong
    7. a gardener, a housekeeper and cleaning staff for my HUUUGE mansion somewhere in the english countryside

    yeah, that’d do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. OK, here we go:

    I would like a really nice swimming pool near my house (I actually had this for a while, and I went swimming early in the morning at the weekends.)

    I’d like a flat, smooth, traffic-less path near my house to go roller-skating on. I have the skates, but I haven’t been out on them because I’ll need to get a bus to somewhere suitable!

    I would like gym sessions to take exactly as long as I intend them to take, and not to stretch out and make me late home. In fact, I would like all solitary workouts not to take any time out of my day. Exercise I do with family or friends can take time, because that’s dual-purpose.

    I would like to be able to notice improvements in my fitness, rather than looking back at months-old notes and thinking “Oh, yes, I suppose I have improved a bit.”

    And I would like an antigravity bra. Or just to be flat-chested. And some gym trousers that I like and that remain the same shape and size even when washed many times.

    I do, however, live near a beautiful scenic bike trail, and use it to get to work. I would say I’ll appreciate it more now that I know it’s someone’s fantasy, but I appreciate it quite a lot already.

  19. To be able to magically make certain annoying people disappear from:

    Bodypump: guys who wildly swing and rock their torsos during the bicep track yet stare around smugly as thought they were somehow superior for shifting the weight to larger muscle groups instead of, ahem, ISOLATING THEIR BICEPS.

    Yoga: People who do 120 decibel Reiki breathing for an entire 75 minute class, including the ten minute corpse pose.

    Step: Women in my eye line who are purposely half a beat ahead of the whole class. I am uncoordinated already and way too suggestible.

    Bootcamp: Folks who make a breakneck effort to reach the corner turn while running laps in a small gym, then immediately slow down and cause a bottleneck.

  20. My fitness fantasies would be to be able to run a marathon in under 4 hours. (Not likely since I can’t even do a 5K in under 30 minutes!)

    Have a home gym.

    Be able to afford a personal trainer.

    And perhaps a housekeeper. (Is that fitness related?)

  21. Mine is easy…

    I would love to have a fully equipped gym in my basement (I don’t currently have a basement) that I could use without any interruptions (so I guess that means the Hubs, toddler and dog, would have to be locked in a closet somewhere). Of course I would need a hott trainer to show me the moves. Oh, and while I’m dreaming, can my hair not sweat out while I training. Immediate results would be great too.

  22. Oh, I totally love all these! So many great ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have an addition though. There’d be a beautiful lake in front of my house where I could go kayaking and swimming every day. The water would always have that perfect temperature – even in winter! Oh, and I’d always wake up in the early morning, well rested and eager to workout!

  23. I really don’t want anything too fancy, but I’d like to have a permanent locker at the gym so I don’t have to keep lugging stuff (and maybe they could have laundry staff who’d wash my gear and fold up and put it back in my locker for next time).

    Also my Japanese friend was saying in Tokyo they have places where you can rent a locker and have showers if you run in the city. How brilliant is that? It bugs me that if I wanted to run in the CBD after work, I’d have to drive to work and pay for parking just to have somewhere to store my crap.

    Oh and a personal massuese.

    Between you and Dr G youve pretty much nailed all my fantasies.

    Ill toss in a once a week ALWAYS and NEEDED OR NOT massage and a nap.

  25. I’d like

    1) (free) membership of a gym swanky enough to be a pleasure to go to but not so swanky that it’s entirely populated by skinny, sneery girls wafting round the changing rooms in g-strings
    2) the classes to include pilates, kick boxing, body pump and lots of different dancing classes – at a time when I can go to them
    3) a faithful friend keen to do all the same classes (for moral support)
    4) a personal trainer for boring weights stuff
    5) to find reasonably flattering work out gear
    6) gorgeous weather to enable me to hike at weekends and cycle on my commute
    7) a personal chef to prepare delicious calorie counted meals
    8) a drug to be invented that kick starts my lazy-slug metabolism – ideally without killing me in the process
    9) the sort of metabolism where I have to keep my calories up not to get too skinny

    As you’ll notice, they get more absurd and unrealistic as they go on! I don’t think any of them are actually achieveable in the real world though, sadly

  26. I want to go on a Two Fit Chicks retreat at some gorgeous spa with all my favorite fitbloggers — with special guests Bob and Jillian and Clinton and Stacey (of What Not To Wear). After Bob and Jillian finished beating us half to death, they’d be called off to the set of “The Biggest Loser” so we could eat beautiful, locally-grown food without having their watchful eyes calculating our calories. Then Stacey and Clinton would bring in a rack of clothes they’d picked specially for each of us and we’d all get dressed up so we look fantastic, then go out for just enough drinks that we danced the night away with no self-consicousness.

    Stacey and Clinton would also get us each a new gym wardrobe which was flatterinng and appropriate for all the various activities we do.

    The yoga/Pilates gym I drive half an hour to go would open up a branch within walking distance of my house and my favorite instructor would run it.

    There would be a new YMCA, also within walking distance of my house, that had a lap pool, a big sunny weight room, and all the classes I wanted to take included as part of my membership.

    A gorgeous restaurant with all organic / guilt-free food would open up nearby and would have great, low-cal ethnic takeout.

    Someone would discover a cure for cellulite and would use me as their first test case.

    I would actually feel comfortable in my skin, and would go to the beach without comparing myself to every tiny thing in a bikini.

    I would get a great new bike that was fitted exactly to my size and have endless safe routes nearby on which to ride it.

    My workplace would stop putting me on so many committees and my students would all become better writers so I’d feel less frustrated with grading their papers. That would leave me with more time to play outdoors and work out.

  27. Oh my goodness. I think about this ALL THE TIME. And I bore whoever’s around me with it, so now I’m going to bore you!

    – I would love to have the time to work out twice a day with no guilt. I would do cardio from the waist up (swimming) and weights from the waist down one day, and cardio from the waist down (running) and weights from the waist up the next. And, obviously, fencing.

    – I want to be able to fly anywhere to snowboard and cross-country ski at any time.

    – I want to be able to fly to Barbados to surf whenever I want.

    – Massages and hot tubs everywhere.

    – I’ve always wanted to try one of those bikini boot camps (you get to exercise on a beach).

    – Maybe I’d get into yoga if I really tried it.

    – I want to do those crazy upside down trapeze-y classes where you use sheets hanging from the ceiling.

    – I like to cook, but I wouldn’t mind some meals prepared for me. A healthified Jamie Oliver would suit me.

  28. I definitely want a gym close to me that I can afford and that has a pool. And I want a way that when I finish at the gym I don’t have to spend an hour washing and blow drying my hair!
    ps… not sure if you were aware but I found your book in downtown singapore today ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I would love to workout with Jillian and have her scream at me during the workouts.
    I will own a big space for gymnastics, capoeira, yoga, and dance so that I could practice all of them whenever I want to.
    I would do all the body combat classes.
    I would have a personal chef who would cook healthy gourmet foods for me to eat so that I don’t have to think about my meals… and many more!

  30. I want a Concept 2 rowing machine. It’s the only piece of exercise equipment I can stick with. Too expensive for me, however…

  31. OMG…my only fitness fantasy is to look like a Victoria’s Secret bikini model…but seeing as how I’m barely 5’4, that will probably remain a fantasy. However, I’m totally going for the bikini part…I’ve challenged myself to be in bikini worthy shape for myself by March and to treat myself to a Tropical Holiday to keep me motivated!!! YAY!

  32. Oooh ooh I love this. I’m gonna post 3 and then I think save it for a blog post as this could get outta hand! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. A chef to prepare healthy yet tasty food for anyone that was at the house.
    2. That chef to work with a nutritionist to make sure I’m getting the proper macro nutrient ratios and proper amount of calories and cut me off if I’ve had too much.
    3. An olympic sized pool with springboard diving setup, with lifeguard, with a retractable roof (so it could be outdoors when it’s nice, and indoors when it’s not).

  33. What a brilliant post. This is one of your best yet and that’s saying something! I’ll have everything please!

  34. Also LOVING this post….good work Shauna!

    I would love to be one of those happy little fitness bunnies. You know the type who are amazing at every sport they play, will happily get up at 5am every morning for their daily run, who go everywhere by bike and are constantly happy due to the permanent endorphin rush! The ones that we all hate – that’s who I want to be!

  35. Right now what I want seems so far out of reach…

    I want to come away from a class feeling proud that I’ve got my out of shape, overweight butt doing some exercise – even though it was intimidating and exhausting and full of people who knew what they were doing. Instead of blubbing on the sofa at doing what seems like the completely impossible.


  36. I’m looking to change my fitness dreams to goals over the next few years. They are:

    1. To run a community fitness center that offers scholarship to low-income families and provides the following services: cooking classes, clothing swap, fitness classes, nutrition classes, nutrition/fitness counseling, etc.

    2. To get a book deal to write my own weight loss memoir.

    3. To bust past the plateau that I’ve been stuck in for 2 years.

    4. To walk ALL 60 miles of the Breast Cancer 3-Day in Philadelphia PA this weekend.

    5. To attend the Biggest Loser Fitness Spa in AZ.

    6. To rent or own a house that allows me to have a home gym (similar to yours and definitely with the wall mounted flat screen and surround sound), a veggie/herb garden and a composting bin!

    7. To be fit and healthy and injury free enough to become a roller girl by the name of Ginger Snapz (I’m a redhead too) and rock the short skirt/tights/fishnets look.

  37. DANG there’s about 40 new things to add to the fantasy list… i love this stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Jen – good one re the blogger retreat! (inviting myself along)

    @Tina – GINGER SNAPZ! That’s brilliant. And good luck on the weekend!

    Phillipa, sent you email!

  38. Ooh, I’d swan off around the world completing various treks/ mountain climbs/ ultra races and get paid mega bucks to write about them!!

  39. I would have wonderful hiking spots within no distance of my front door with river views, gorges, woods, creeks, mossy & ferny dells, boulders.

    I would have space to garden and time to do it in.

    I would be within easy driving distance of my favorite mild-whitewater rivers and some nice flatwater as well.

    There would be no easy access to all sorts of fattening food restaurants so that I would cook all my own dinners (and would have time to do so).

    Wait!!! This is not a fantasy!!! This is a plan!!! I have already bought my little 4 room cottage in West Virginia and am making my plans to retire there in 2.5 years!!! Yeah, real life!!!

  40. I LOVE this post! Here are some of mine:

    Virgin gym at the end of my street (posh!) with one of those stainless steel pools which are cleaned with oxygen filters so don’t have chlorine to mess up my hair!

    Gym would be open all hours to fit in with my crazy shifts…actually, since this is fantasy, I’d have a 9-5 job!

    New job would be as a nutritionist…

    I’d have endless motivation ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Personal trainer to kick my ass daily, and show me how to do Pilates cos I can never make it to classes

    Unlimited fruit and veg budget so I could eat blueberries all year round

    Farmer’s market weekly where I live!

    One of those big giant weights machines at home (I love weights)

    Self-cleaning gym kit

    A day with Gok Wan and an endless clothes budget so I can look good!

    Twice-weekly massages!

    …I could go on all day!

  41. Oh, I have many. Mainly I’d like to be able to go to Combat followed by Pump at least 3 times a week. I’d like a house with somewhere to store bikes for myself and the kids. I’d like to be a fantastic cook who can persuade my kids to eat meat and veg so that we could all eat yummy, colourful, healthy homemade food. Not having to work full time would probably help this.

    I’d like to find the time to use my Xscape vouchers so the kids and I can learn to ski/snowboard. Then we can jet off for snow holidays.

    Failing that, some willpower and some energy would be nice.

  42. Ooh, great, glad somebody asked!
    + I’d love to start my morning with some power yoga to wake me up.
    + Have a dog that actually likes going for a walk or a run instead of being a whiny pain in the ass like Charley.
    + Personal trainer that would come to my house and know that flattery works better for me than screaming. OK, maybe some breathing down my neck when they know I’m just wimping out.
    + Being able to run that one trail near my mom’s house without stopping for a breather (I think it’s about 5k)
    + Being able to do at least 20 REAL, FULL pushups instead of those half-arsed ones that my arms allow me to do now. And NO knees!!!
    + Being able to the tricep/pilates pushups where you tuck in your elbows – at least 20, please!
    + This might sound msachistic – I would like to do a real bootcamp for about 2 weeks somewhere very remote. Maybe it is a good idea to start one – you have quite a following!

  43. Reading these has made me count my blessings, and realize the biggest thing that would change my fitness life is a SHORT COMMUTE, with the ability to live next to one of the parks in this city. So my fantasy is: a house with a garden, steps from a park with hiking and biking trails, and within 5 miles of work for both me and my husband, in a neighborhood with local shops and cafes, including an awesome farmers market with convenient hours (not 7am on a Sunday please). The garden should contain one of those ‘perpetual lap’ hot tubs, so I can swim whenever.

    The living close to a park is attainable in this city, but probably not that and being close to work. Boo.

  44. Fun list! I esp love the poncy (beginning) yoga retreat!

    My dream: personal chef to cook every meal for me, make it yummy, healthy, and portion controlled.

  45. I want to go to that spa Oprah went to – Miraval in Arizona? SO expensive – but supposedly you get to reset your buttons….

  46. I’d live on the beach so I could just go out the door and walk, in all weather. Even rain is more fun at the beach.

  47. Oh my. I have too many to count.

    First and foremost, I wish I could get my body fat percentage down.

    Secondly, I wish I had a personal trainer that would follow me around and slap cookies out of my hand and make me do pushups. It wouldn’t hurt if he was eye candy, and of course, he’d never charge me a penny for his services.

    Third, I wish I could eat as much macaroni and cheese as my little fat heart desires and never gain a pound of weight.

    Fourth, I wish I could do at least five one-legged pushups. Those are SO badass.

    Fifth, a personal chef to cook for me whatever I want. And make it taste good.

    Six, to be strong and sexy and have muscles, but still look hot in a swimsuit.

    I could go on, but I’ll spare you.

  48. I had to look for a long time to find this:

    it is Gwyneth Paltrow’s studio and trainer from the Oprah show. And when I first saw this – I was GREEN with envy.

    Before today, I had not seen that clip in a long time. And I did not have the same reaction. I would still like to TRY that workout a few times. (I do not like HOT so they would have to install air conditioning for me in my fantasy).

    But I am VERY happy with what I am doing now. me. here. shocking isn’t it?

    I am dancing (Zumba) many times a week. And I love the speed and intensity of it. I actually crave it.

    It is fast paced and noisey and crazy – but somehow does the same thing for my mind that yoga has for many years (and it is about the total opposite of yoga as can be) and is a hell of a cardio workout with very little impact.

  49. Oooh, so many things I want!

    For starters, I’d like my gym to be open earlier than 8am. I know plenty of gyms open early but mine doesn’t. I’d also like them to stop playing the Wiggles DVD at full volume when I drop Master P off but that’s probably asking too much (I have a child who hates the Wiggles, who’d have thought?!). Combined with the techno from the cycle room it’s not a pretty sound!

    Anyhow, back to fitness fantasies: I’d like my own Pilates reformer studio with all the wacky machines, a 24/7 personal chef and trainer, a mega capacity iPod with arm bandy thingo, one of those ultra-expensive exercise bikes with the video game screen so I can pretend I’m cycling the Tour de France and my own 50 metre lap pool.

  50. My fitness fantasy would be to train with the Philadelphia Eagles. I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but it would be awesome to be on the sidelines of every game and practice!

  51. I’d love to be able to teleport from work to the gym, and acquire gym clothes along the way. Sometimes either carrying gym clothes all day or completing the work – home – gym circuit is just too much.

    (Really, I’d settle for laundry service at the gym, and a permanent locker.)

  52. 1. Equipment:
    I’d build a dream home with a serious gym. It would include:
    – a squat rack, olympic weights, chains and bands;
    – dbs that increment in 2 lb intervals rather than 5.;
    – a c2 rower;
    – mats for wrestling and mma;
    – a sprung wood floor dojo;
    – a heavy bag; and,
    – a top of the line sound system.

    Elsewhere on the grounds I’d have:
    – strongman equipment; (atlas stones!)
    – tires for flipping and sleds for pushing/dragging;
    – a climbing wall; and,
    – a shooting range with a set up for USPSA / IPSC matches.

    2. Other:
    – Clothing companies would bring back all my favorite discontinued sports bras;
    – I’d buy V5Fs in oodles of colors;
    – I’d have a butler in charge of housekeeping;
    – I’d train for and complete the Bataan Memorial Death March, in the civilian heavy division, more than once.

  53. I would live next door to Gabrielle Reece (at both her Hawaii and Malibu homes) and we would work out together on the beach, in the mountains, in the ocean. Our daughters would play together. We would share fitness and fashion tips. My fantasy would be to also have a body like hers! We could share clothes. I would be able to do crazy yoga and pilates moves/poses. All exercise would be fun and painless but create fabulous results. I wouldn’t turn red in the face when exercising. I would have a personal chef who cooks food from my organic garden.

  54. Being a dancer, Iยดm luckier than most when it comes to exercise, but I do have a few things on my wish list which no one seems to have covered yet.

    1. Safe, quiet bicycle paths everywhere I need to go here in sunny Buenos Aires (I would love to cycle in this city, but I donยดt have a death wish and currently it seems to be one of the fastest ways to commit suicide…) Also, a beautiful cherry red hybrid bicycle which was somehow miraculously unstealable and also magically rendered me immune to being attacked/raped/mugged so that I could ride it any time of the day or night around the mean streets of this city with total impunity.

    2. A personal sherpa to carry my tango shoes, workout clothes, clean towels, healthy snacks, etc. around with me so I would never have to tote a rucksack again.

    3. A personal food shopper who would scour the city for the freshest vegetables (difficult to find here) and would be willing to go all the way out to Belgrano daily to keep me in fresh tofu and unsweetened soymilk from the only place in the city Iยดve ever found them.

    4. This isnยดt strictly speaking a fitness fantasy, more a food one, but I would love it if there were such a thing as negative calories, i.e. whenever you resisted a tempting food the calories it contained would be automatically subtracted from your total daily intake. Itยดs always seemed really unfair to me that you donยดt somehow get extra credit for resisting yummy treats. You should lose half a pound, surely, every time you walk past your favourite ice cream parlour without buying a cone.

  55. My fitness fantasy is pretty simple, I’d love to hire a professional hand slapper. “So you vont that Mars Bar, ja? SLAP! No chocolate!” She could just follow me around 24/7 and help me maintain a chocolate/pizza/muffin free environment.

    I’m not sure why she’s German, but it somehow works…

  56. 1)I’d have Jennifer Aniston’s personal chef as my own, full-time.
    2) I’d have access MY OWN gym, and have lots of friends who would come work out with me.
    3) I’d be able to put ANY clothes on and look cute and feminine.
    4) I’d also have that garden you were talking about.
    5) My personal trainer would show up at my house everyday, along with a sitter for the kids. Completely trustworthy, of course.


  57. Hi Shauna,
    I think of your book often when I am working out at my Killer class…I LOVE my killer class called Carido strength is M/W/F for an hour..I just started taking it this I understand when you mentioned in your book you were bored of doing the machines at the gym and wanted to start a I know where all the skinny chic’s hang out first thing in the morning! It actually helped me lose 3 pounds last week..yahooo..
    I am down 48 pounds since January. Do you think I am on track to losing my 100 pounds? Of course my goal was by Christmas but I know that is not going to happen..I just hope and pray I can continue to stay on this journey I have set out to do….just wanted to say hi.

  58. I would have a bum that I could bounce quarters off of and biceps that morphed from the droopy batwings to well-defined muscles suitable for any sleeveless dress…did I mention it would be obtained in a leisurly 30-minute a day walk in the sunshine?

  59. Hi Shauna. My Fitness Fantasy would be to have a great body WITHOUT doing any exercise : )

    Anyway – the real reason I am posting a comment is to ask you if you know that you have been quoted in the November 2009 Weight Watchers magazine (Australian edition)? Page 30 “Blogging: The new motivational tool”. It says: When Shauna Reid went to her first Weight Watchers meeting in Canberra, she cried. It was 2001 and she weighed 159kg. “Discovering how much I weighed was a huge shock”, recalls Shauna, 31, a web marketing executive now based in the UK. “I bawled my eyes out in front of everyone.” When she arrived home, Shauna began to blog about her battles to lose weight. A long-time fan of journals, Shauna thought blogging seemed like an easy medium to express her emotions on the way to Goal. “Blogging seemed like a good way to blurt it all out. I could be anonymous and write about how overwhelmed and scared I felt” she says. “It became this place where I could daily say how I was going. If I went to Weight Watchers and had a gain, I’d write about that. If I could fit into a smaller pair of undies, I shared that. If I had a morning tea and ate a piece of cake, I confessed it in my blog”. Shauna’s daily confessions became the Dietgirl blog. Within a couple of months, regular visitors became her cheer squad, encouraging her to keep going and offering advice based on their own weight-loss efforts. “I felt the people who read my blog understood me. Many of them were in the same boat, so I felt we created a community, that there was a sense of camaraderie. We were in this together”, explains Shauna.

  60. My fitness fantasy is that I’m already fit and don’t NEED to do anything but look sexy ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, there’s a show on TV here called “dirtgirlworld”…. every time I see it on the channel listing, I think it says dietgirlworld.

    You need a TV show.

  61. Ooh I can air out all my fantasies without my husband rolling his eyes at me! (wait, that sounded funny…)

    ok, first, i would have a fancy tri bike, one that’s all carbon and looks all fancy with the fancy wheels and stuff with that water bottle in the middle of the handlebars with the ginormous straw so i don’t have to grab for my water bottle and drop it on the street while trying to put it back (like i have done).

    THEN i would have just as you said, a fancy watch with gps but it would also hold my keys and some pepper spray should the opportunity present itself.

    i would also be able to workout any time i want and childcare would magically appear on my workout whim.

    and i would also have a riding buddy and a running buddy for the really long rides and runs that i don’t want to do by myself and they would appear as if out of nowhere too when i wanted to go.

    THEN i would have limitless spa treatments to rub out my achey muscles, the kind where they put lovely tingly stuff on your face and cucumbers on your eyes and feed you grapes…

    oh no, you’ve opened up a can of worms!
    thanks for giving me a place to let it all out!!!

  62. Oh I think many of my fitness fantasies are similar to yours, although Dr G’s dream of being entirely fit while eating and not moving would of course have to top the list.

    But since that doesn’t exist in reality, I think one of my first wishes would be for Jillian to be my BFF and at my constant disposal. She should indeed make some audio coaching sessions! That would be cool. My roommate gifted me her Hot Bod in a Box, though, which is a close second I guess, minus the auditory motivation…which I guess is pretty key. Anyway the box has cards in it with exercise routines and whatnot so you can take your workout wherever with minimal/no equipment (ie a hotel or something). Kinda convenient!

  63. My personal fitness fantasy is to:
    1. have the most awesome orange cycle bike
    2. get a wardrobe and make-up makeover.
    3. travel the world hiking
    4. have a personal massage therapist at my home.
    5. get a free manicure with every 60 minute session at my gym.
    6. have fresh vegetables delivered to my home at no cost to me-I could be there taste tester.
    7. have a built in confidence meter that automatically boost my moral when i’m feeling a bit gloomy gustina.

    That’s about it. I

  64. My fantasy is to have a normal relationship with food. To not have to analyze and fret over everything on my plate. To pick a restaraunt not because it has a good low fat menu, but because I LOVE the food.

    To be able to go out and not worry about what others think of how fat/chubby I look.

    To be pleased with myself and my reflection.

    THere you go, now I’m crying. Sigh

  65. You are such a gifted blogger. It is amazing how you can talk about your eperiences and life with no fear. Keep up the work because you will go far (if you already haven’t). The sky is the lmit for you.

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