Happy Festivus

We've had a cracking Christmas Day here at Crooked House. Champagne with brekkie followed by a huge snowball fight and building our very first snowman. Then we cooked the mother of all Christmas lunches and now we're flopped on the couch like seals on a beach.

Hope you're having a good Friday, wherever you and whatever you're up to! Thank you for stopping by this year 🙂

The snow started to melt this arvo so the poor lad's arms fell off.

Two Fit Chicks Episode 06 – Farewell to the Noughties

For your aural pleasure!It was treacherously icy this morning. I went flying down our driveway with not quite as much grace as Torvill or Dean. This is my seventh Scottish winter and I always forget that it can get icy until I’m sprawled on my arse.

I shuffled to the bus stop just in time for the bus to sail past. A grumpy old man in the queue was grumping to some grumpy old women, “I knew I should have emigrated!”

In other news, it’s podcast day! In our final episode for 2009 we review the healthy living highlights of 2009 and the decade! Plus your questions about dumb diet rules, maintenance & weird weight machines.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave the podcast a try in 2009. It’s been fun doing something a wee bit different and I appreciate you coming along for the ride! Thanks also to Carla for being a hoot to work with.

» Check out Episode 6 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

Festive Wisdom from Jen

One of our favourite bloggers is Jen of Perfect In Our Imperfections. Today she posted some cracking holiday advice. She would have been perfect for our Help For The Holidays episode!

And if you're doing too much: STOP. Maybe you don't need to send a holiday card to anyone who ever said hello to us and bake 4,000 cookies of 5 different kinds to give to everyone (who probably is on a diet too and really doesn't want the extra temptation). No one will hate you if, instead of poring through dozens of stores and catalogs and websites to get the exact perfect gifts, you get everyone gift certificates for iTunes or Starbucks or spa treatments or Amazon.com. Here's a big anti-stress secret: People who love you do not want you to put yourself through the wringer or into excessive debt to please them.


2fc-small I started a podcast called Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone – a healthy living podcast for the people!

My co-host is the lovely supreme buffness that is Carla Birnberg of MizFit.

We’re currenly on hiatus, but hot topics we’ve tackled include running for beginners, goal setting, coping with the holiday season, weight training and much much more. We’ve answered listener questions and had some spectacular special guests too.

The aim of the show is to entertain and inform and be real. We don’t claim to be health and fitness experts – we simply want to share what we’ve learned about health and fitness, and learn from others too.

We also love the kickarse blogger community spirit, so in each episode we share news from bloggers and readers just like you. From 5Ks to non-scale victories, we want to hear it!

Find out more and download all the episodes at www.twofitchicks.org.

Ready to relaunch

When we move to Crooked House* next week, I'll have a room of my own. There'll be a desk in one corner and bookshelf in another and a pile of dumbells in another. There'll be a proper place for my Swiss ball so it won't fall on top of Dr G's head. I've got a giant 2010 planner with 365 hopeful blank squares, ready to whack up on the wall.

I'm so bloody burned out, comrades! I'll drag my arse through the next 19 days until the Christmas break begins, then I'll snooze and read and write and drink port and watch Roman Holiday.

I'm ready to get my shit together. You know when you know you need to get your shit together but you don't have the oomph to actually do it? I'm just about ready for the doing now. Yeah!

* so named because the house has so many crooked cupboards, walls, tiles, etc from ye olde slapdash renovations. That will all change under my watch, dammit!

Problems listening to 2FC Episode 5? Try this link…

A huge thanks to Jen and Gretchen for letting us know they've had problems accessing Episode 5 of the podcast. The issue seems to be with Podbean, our podcast host, whose servers are down a helluva lot more often than I'd prefer for a bloody paid hosting account. I will look into a new host for 2010, methinks.

(Anyone out there know of a reliable podcast host or had experience using Typepad for podcasting?)

If you're having problems with the podcast, please give us a shout and let us know how you were trying to listen (iTunes, browser, RSS feed, etc) and we'll help. We're both very new to this podcast medium so your feedback will help us to make things better!

I've uploaded the file to this blog so you can click here to download the MP3 (33MB) or use the wee player below. Our apologies for the convenience.

Episode 05 – Help for the Holidays

– Shauna