Problems listening to 2FC Episode 5? Try this link…

A huge thanks to Jen and Gretchen for letting us know they've had problems accessing Episode 5 of the podcast. The issue seems to be with Podbean, our podcast host, whose servers are down a helluva lot more often than I'd prefer for a bloody paid hosting account. I will look into a new host for 2010, methinks.

(Anyone out there know of a reliable podcast host or had experience using Typepad for podcasting?)

If you're having problems with the podcast, please give us a shout and let us know how you were trying to listen (iTunes, browser, RSS feed, etc) and we'll help. We're both very new to this podcast medium so your feedback will help us to make things better!

I've uploaded the file to this blog so you can click here to download the MP3 (33MB) or use the wee player below. Our apologies for the convenience.

Episode 05 – Help for the Holidays

– Shauna

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