Two Fit Chicks Episode 11 – Let’s Hear It For The Boys

For your aural pleasure!There’s a brand new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone in which Carla and I chat to some of our male listeners and get their perspectives on fitness, health and blogging.

The episode was rather late due to disorganisation from the Scottish branch of Two Fit Chicks Inc. and only this morning I discovered I’d left out one of the blokes’ recordings. I am really bloody glad it’s Friday, I tells ya.

Proper update next week, fer sure! What’s new and shaking with you guys? Any sugar comas over Easter?

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10 thoughts on “Two Fit Chicks Episode 11 – Let’s Hear It For The Boys

  1. Sugar Coma for sure! Trying to come back down, but it is tough.

    I am commenting mostly because I saw your comment on Miz Fit about your blogging and wondering why you do it some days. You have such an impact with your words and you do such a great job of blogging. Sometimes I come and read your blog and see you are soldiering on even feeling like crap and I think “if she can do that so can I”. THANKS for that. You bloggers do not get enough thanks and recognition for your work- but do know – it is appreciated more than you will know!

    Take care of yourself and keep up the good work- crap and all! hahaha

  2. Really loved this episode. Great topics (and I liked how you avoided essentializing bloggers by gender), great flow, really fun guests.

  3. Shauna, thanks for the invitation to partipate, it was a real honour. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration. I just love the TFC podcasts, you two are so bright and positive!


  4. Thanks for the fun podcast. I really liked this episode. It was nice to heard mens point of wiev to dieting. I have this male friend and we are both trieng to loose some weight, well quite a lott actually. And difference between us is that he talks about it to everyone. Even if he is talking to people he barely knows he tells he is on a diet. He doesn’t really seem to be a shamed at all. I find that odd. I myself feel that my weight is very personal matter and I don’t usually want to talk about it. I am like an ostrich who hides it’s head to sand and imagines nobody sees it. If I never mention my weight people don’t notice it. How silly of me. I think there is something what women could really learn from men.And it is men don’t seem to let their wheigt limit them like I do. They still go to pubs and conserts and travelling and all.

  5. Hi. I have been listening to you guys while doing my work out, and it’s been great. It makes it so much more interesting. I’m looking forward to this episode.

  6. I personally did not have even 1 single jellybean this year, not even a licorice one, which I am very proud about. The reason is that I was too busy to get an Easter Basket together for my son, who, at 15, is getting a little old for this, I think. I am really proud of myself, though, just the same.
    That’s one less set of bunny ears I’ll have to remove from my stomach!

  7. Hey Guys,
    I’m a big fan. Have read your book, Shauna, literally seven times. And love catching up with the blog and the pod. I just wanted to share here (sorry for hijacking!) that as of this morning I am no longer obese! Yay just hit BMI 29. This is not the sort of thing I feel happy about sharing with many people but it’s taken a long time and I wanted celebrate somewhere. Thanks for making it seem possible!

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