Friday Link Feast #7

Martini What's that you say? It's Monday? True. But don't you wish it was Friday? Let's pretend… how about I shift this backlog of links and you tell me what you're going to do on your imaginary weekend. I will be sipping martinis in the backyard and reading trashy magazines.

10 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #7

  1. I would be fine dining at Aria in Brisbane for lunch with hubby… Matt Moran is a legend. Then I would love to join you Shauna for a cocktail 🙂

  2. Good links – the other Shauna’s post really got me thinking when she wrote it, and welling up… I really wish it was Friday now!

  3. Spent much of my weekend packing up stuff that I really like – but am going to sell off prior to moving to my WV 4 room house when I retire in 1 year, 10 months and 2 weeks. (Not that I’m counting.)

  4. The other Shauna’s story got me thinking about my own. It’s a crazy time, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel — and a time when I can focus more on myself, and eating healthily. So excited. Can’t wait. Thanks for these links!

  5. I’ve been following the blog for sometime, but the “Pretty Ugly” article really hit home with me! I stopped watching “Ugly Betty” a long time ago once I realized how hard they tried to make Betty pathetic and unattractive.

    Thanks for the links!

  6. Fantasy weekend: snorkeling in Hawaii, or, heck, Bali?, with husband in toasty warm, shark-free waters with healthy coral, and having the conch plate for lunch, snorkeling again, exploring neighboring area on foot, eating a fabulous seafood dinner (local fish & veggies) with maybe some locally popular aperitif. Then babbling blissfully or resting silently, watching the sun sink into the ocean.

  7. great links – thanks – just what I would love on my dream weekend when I could bake bread and blog and sit and play with my baby – oh just what I did this weekend – but in this dream weekend I would have so much more time for everything!!!!

    That post by GF shauna is amazing – I feel a bit the same way about eating comfort foods because diet is so less important when life is really hard – and I am so glad you pointed out the post – so hard to keep track of the gems on the net

  8. Tried the Zumba class not too long ago and felt like a complete clumsy fool out there! No doubt it was a fun class but for someone who never dances and doesn’t have natural rhythm it was quite challenging.

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