Heavy Petting

So Marie Claire (US) magazine are at it again, trying to counter their slide towards irrelevancy by publishing audience-baiting content. This time, "Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?)".

Sure the floods of outraged traffic will please their advertisers but I hope this is outweighed by lost sales and subscribers.

You know what I think we should do? You know how Jon Stewart is having his Rally for Sanity in Washington? I think we should have a rally of sorts too. All of us infidels who DARE to carry some extra padding should converge on Marie Claire's New York offices and have a mass make-out session right on their doorstep. The earth WILL MOVE!

Some great responses to the ridiculous article:

UPDATE: Wow. There is actually going to be a mass make-out session in New York today, Friday 29 October, for real!

Baltimore Bound in 2011

I’ll be getting drunk with blogging pals and/or speaking at the second annual Fitbloggin’ conference in Baltimore in May 2011. Fitbloggin’ is a conference “for bloggers interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle”, organised by Roni Noone, fitblogger extraordinaire.

I was all set to go this year – I even bought a Boston guidebook! This is why you should read websites and not just idly scan them. Yeah I recall seeing a capital B on the Fitbloggin site. Must have been Boston. Clicky click, add Rough Guide To Boston to shopping cart.

I seem to have some kind of mental block with East Coast USA – I mixed up the White House and the Capitol the other day. But this year I’ve read the information properly and I’m confident that the conference takes place in BALTIMORE.

The schedule is still being finalised but the tentative title of the panel I’m on is Ditch the Diet – Eat Mindfully!

Despite the panel subject, I must confess when Roni gave me the green light to be a speaker the ye olde inner dieter was whispering urgently in my ear, “Hey lardy! 204 days til Fitbloggin! You could drop a good 30 pounds by then. Shall we cancel all birthday cakes and Christmas dinner with the in-laws?”

But I am just too old and grumpy for that crap now. The mindful eating is going so well and I don’t want to screw that up. I’ll be at the conference in whatever state I’m in, all fired up to see old and new friends. And to finally meet my podcast comrade Mizfit in person. Wonder if we could figure out how to record live? Rock and roll.

Friday Link Feast #11

Let's get this backlog unlogged, stat!

  • Mostly Eating: Mind apples and movement – simple tips to pamper your mind
    For World Mental Health Day, Sophie has some thoughtful ideas and excellent resource links for looking after your mental health.
  • Memoir Armoire
    Diane Shipley's book blog is dedicated to the memoir genre and she has a short and snappy author interview with me today.
  • Opposite Life: A Tale of Two Pieces
    I love Pubsgal's post about body image, her little daughter and rocking a bikini.
  • Nourishing The Soul: Social Networking and Self-Esteem
    Ashley writes: "We’ve all heard about the apparent privacy risks we’re taking by putting our personal and even professional information on social media sites like Facebook, but have you ever considered the threat of these sits to your self-esteem?"
  • Meish – Senseless
    "I do worry about the habits that a social life (amplified by social media and networks) can fall into. Performing. Feeling like you have to constantly feed (/amuse/entertain/shock) a hungry audience"
  • Before & After: Oh the stories I have told!
    "These are the stories I’ve told myself and others…stories that made me feel better about myself, stories that helped me feel right, stories that helped me feel like I was getting revenge. I got off on these stories. They gave me an out and allowed me to abdicate responsibility." One of the most honest and compelling posts I've ever read.
  • Now The Plan Is This – Alison's Marathon Report
    Two Fit Chicks listeners will remember Alison's inspiring interview on our Goals Goals Goals episode. She just finished her third marathon and her race report is so vivid you'll feel like you ran every mile and gulped down every gel with her.

Have a good weekend, comrades!

I’ll huff and I’ll puff

Man, it truly sucks not being as a fit as you once were. When I was on my way down from 350 pounds, I'd only ever known being unfit. I graduated from last place in school running races to later wheezing up staircases and needing a rest after hanging out the washing. So when I lost weight and walked further and lifted heavier weights, it was all new ground! I'd created a version of myself that hadn't existed before. Shauna Version 2.0 was so bloody amazing compared to the creaky, red-faced model I'd always known.

But now I'm in this new situation where I am looking back longingly at this previous, speedier version. Shauna Version 3.0 is just not there right now.

I'm talking pure physical fitness here – pleeeease don't write to tell me I'm putting myself down. Let me explain.

At the moment I am working on making exercise a healthy, regular habit again. As I said in the podcast on Monday my kickboxing attendence has been very shoddy this year. Partially because of my Zumba love affair but mainly because I was traumatised by my 120 seconds of competition fighting last November. I never managed to fashion that hilarious humiliation into a blog entry.

But anyway! After that girl clobbered me I was terrified of kickboxing for a long while. I felt ill every time a punching glove was waved in my direction. I literally ran away every time Coach said it was time for sparring. Up the stairs and away home, as fast as my trembling legs could carry me!

Months passed and I was down to one or two classes a month. But I was really missing my comrades and punching things. Pads, kick shields, speed balls. Not people, you see. It occurred to me that HEY maybe I could just go to the classes for the friends and fitness and learning new moves… and just not do the fighting part at the end? Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

(Funny how hard it was to admit that the fighting wasn't for me. You'd think wanting to vomit every time I faced an opponent would have been a clue. Hmm!)

So I was really chuffed about this revelation and rocked up back to class ready for action… only to find that holy crap, I have lost a lot of fitness. Gaining weight has not helped… everything wobbles when I do jumping jacks; a most unpleasant sensation. And I don't have the stamina in my shoulders for long periods of punching. I can't kick nearly as high. My push-ups are wimpy. My once infatigable abs give out after 10 reps.

What is amusing stroke ego-crushing is that in my MIND (o'erbrimming with Comeback Enthusiasm) I expected to proceed as before! I would throw myself into a move and then be stunned (and whining in agony) when BODY SAYS NO. You are not Version 2.0 anymore!

I will admit, there have been some classes where I am fighting not to sob all over my gloves, feeling so angry at myself letting it get this bad. It was hard enough getting fit from a place of complete unfitness, but trying to get fit knowing you once were pretty fit but you cocked it all up? That is hard to swallow!

Especially when your team mates, who were already way fitter than you even when you were fit-ish, have been attending angellically all year and are now even fitter than they were last year which makes your current unfitness even more unfit! Does that even make any sense?

But dudes. I am being very zen about this. I do love kickboxing – I really missed it and I love being back there. When I think about exercise now I am thinking about the habits I want to carry into old age, and punching things is part of that plan. So for now I am just gritting my teeth and getting on with it. Okay I am not really gritting my teeth because I am too busy gasping for breath… but I am sticking with it.

And on that note must nick off for tonight's class 🙂

UPDATE: I said in the comments below that I had a déjà vu re the "previous versions" of oneself and thought PastaQueen had said something similar before. Turns out she had… whoops! Here is the entry in question.

Two Fit Chicks Episode 19 – Happy birthday to us!

For your aural pleasure!Today Carla and I celebrate a year and a month of podcasting  and vow to look at the calendar properly next year.

We discuss the now-infamous Marie Claire article about the "Big Six" healthy living bloggers, then grill each other on a range of profound topics like lamingtons and the Bravo channel. Carla bemoans a bad back and I slink back to kickboxing class after a long and fearful absence. We talk books, telly and movies and hopes for the future. PLUS, Blogger News!

» Check out Episode 19 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

Say it loud, say it clear

For your aural pleasure!For the past two nights I’ve woken up at 2AM with The Living Years playing in my head, that cheesy Mike and the Mechanics tune that was #1 for about 79 weeks in Australia. Specifically the bit where the choir swoops in. There are few things that give me the heebie jeebies than a choir in a pop song… especially if it’s little kiddies singing. Whenever I hear Another Brick In The Wall I long to push the children off said wall…

(Actually I make an exception for the choir in Madonna’s Like A Prayer, that is a killer song!)

Anyway. I neglected to post about last week’s new Two Fit Chicks episode – Intuitive Eating II starring Christie of Honoring Health. She is extremely articulate and thoughtful on the topic and has had great success with changing her relationship with food. You can check it out over at the Two Fit Chicks website!

I was also a guest on The Because Show, an addictive podcast from L.A. where three friends meet weekly to chat about books and food and telly and life. I talked to the producer Jerilyn about book writing and life in Scotland. I also say “um” and “like” far too much and fail to disguise my ignorance re Scottish cashmere. You can check out The Because Show here.

So what’s your stance on choirs in pop songs? Do you have any irrational, petty hates you’d like to share? I also hate when people take something out of a microwave before the time is up then don’t reset it and/or leave the door open. BOO.