Episode 20 – What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?

This episode is rather truncated due to Shauna forgetting to hit RECORD when interviewing our special guest. Said guest was very articulate on our theme of self-love and learning to like your body, a theme that was prompted by the large number of emails we get on this topic from you lovely listeners.

We are going to interview her again in the near future, but for now you get the first part of the episode where we talked about:

  • the power of the word "husky"
  • how the heck you're supposed to love yourself when loving messages have not been on your radar
  • what worked for us to start enjoying the view in the mirror.

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20 What's self love got to do with it?

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Today's OMG I can't believe I didn't record the interview! outro tune is My Mistake by Split Enz.

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