WIN! “Chocolate & Vicodin” book by @jennettefulda – DG 10th Birthday Sell Out Day 1

The Dietgirl 10th Birthday Sell Out The prize:  Two lucky winners will each receive an advanced a brand new hot-off-the-presses copy of Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go Away by Jennette Fulda.

Available to readers from:  Worldwide

What the heck is it?
This is the second book from Jennette Fulda of PastaQueen and Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir fame.

Here's the synopsis from the back of the (gorgeously designed) book:

Jennette Fulda went to bed on February 17, 2008, with a headache, and more than three years later, it still hasn’t gone away. Yes, she’s tried everything: intravenous drugs, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, subliminal messaging, marijuana (for medical purposes only), heavy drinking (which just made it hurt more), and lots and lots of chocolate. A pint of ice cream makes her feel better, but her insurance doesn’t cover mint chocolate chip.

In this painfully honest, smart, and funny memoir, the popular blogger who chronicled her nearly two hundred pound weight loss in Half-Assed shares her incredible journey to find relief from a chronic headache. As she visits countless doctors, indulges all manner of unsolicited advice from the Internet, and investigates every possible cause, from a brain tumor to a dead twin living in her brain, Jennette considers what it means to suffer, how to live with pain, and why the best treatment might be the simplest: laughter.

ChocWhy I dig it
I've been an avid fan of Jennette's adventures for many years so I was dying of curiosity and creepy internet concern to know the full story of her horrible, endless headache. I requested a review copy of Chocolate & Vicodin as Jennette will be appearing on the Two Fit Chicks podcast in March.

I was sucked in to the story from the very first chapter. Her writing is so strong, honest and raw. I loved her first book but I feel the writing is even stronger in Chocolate & Vicodin. Twice she had me in tears – from pure compassion from the hell she's gone through then also, very selfishly, from relating to her musing on depression. She writes about her chronic pain with honesty, humour, grace and poignancy. It is a fantastic read.

There are two advanced release copies of Chocolate & Vicodin to be won. Simply leave a comment on this blog entry to enter. If you're reading this post via an RSS feed, Facebook or Goodreads, you'll need to click through to the Dietgirl blog. Entries close Monday 31 January 2011 at 12PM GMT. Winners will be drawn at random. Click here to view terms and conditions of the Sell Out.

UPDATE: Jennette has just received the publication copies of her book so you will get a brand spankin' new copy, fresh from the printers!

258 thoughts on “WIN! “Chocolate & Vicodin” book by @jennettefulda – DG 10th Birthday Sell Out Day 1

  1. I’d love the opportunity to win a copy of this book. I suffer from bad headaches myself, though thankfully not as severe as Ms Fulda, so it’s going on my to-read list even if I don’t win.
    Thank you.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this to be out – I, too, have been concerned about the never ending headache. Her first book was strong, funny, and honest; if her writing is even stronger, I need this book!

  3. If Shauna approves, I am excited to check it out! Sounds like an excellent book club selection as well.

  4. Chocolate and Vicodin? Sounds like a cure for almost anything! Yes please and lots of both πŸ™‚ Thank you, birthday girl!


  5. Sounds like a fabulous read!

    I’ve stalked your blog ever since I read “Tales from the Scale” πŸ™‚

  6. I have this book on my Amazon wishlist as I, too, suffer from chronic tension headaches and would love to read it to see if and how she found relief. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  7. What a perfect combination; Vicodin and Chocolate! Better yet, served up with some Baileys Irish Creme!

  8. I would LOVE to read this! If it helps me as much as yours did I will be a happy lady! πŸ™‚ xx

  9. Would love to win the book!
    Now, where is your next book!! Love both you gals.

    Thanks- Rhonda

  10. I had a headache for a year and can empathize with Jennette so much – would love to read her book and add it to my Fulda collection! πŸ™‚

  11. I am having a headache problem of my own. I loved her first book (almost as much as yours).


    Of course I’d love a copy of the book, since I read you both, and I can totally sympathise – my migraines are insane, but luckily, not three-years-long.

    ( since I’m not sure if the email address actually displays at all or not)

  13. Hi Shauna! I remember Jennette, I first found her blog in the summer 2009, right after I found your blog and read your book. Now IΒ΄m once more on diet (after regaining 10 kg) and IΒ΄m going to read JennetteΒ΄s first book (I reread yours last week and this time actually BOUGHT it, your story is so inspiring!).

  14. I love her first book and her blog. She is both hilarious and inspiring. I couldn’t imagine having a headache that never leaves, I can’t wait to see how she deals with it! This book will be part of my collection no matter what!

  15. Happy B-day from Norway:) Loved your book and love your blog, you’re an inspiration in my 18-kilos-and-counting weight loss. Keep it up!

  16. I really enjoyed Half-Assed and would love to win this book, although I will eventually read it either way. I found miss Fulda to be a funny and insightful writer.

  17. Ooh, yes please! I think of Jennette every time I have a headache now (as I have at the moment and every month thanks to the joy that is female hormones) and would love to read her book.

  18. Given you my work e-mail! This book sounds wonderful and I would love to read it! *pick me pick me * hehe x

  19. I love PQ and I work with patients with chronic pain, so I’ve been dying to read this book for her perspective. Happy 10th Anniversary Shauna-I feel like we should be giving you presents and not the other way around πŸ™‚

  20. I am really looking forward to reading this. It would be so great to get an advance copy. Go Pasta Queen!

  21. Happy 10th Year Dietgirl – and thanks for organising a giveaway to celebrate! πŸ™‚ Like Christmas part two – only cooler.

  22. Sounds like a great book. I would love to read it. My husband and I are taking on the new year with a new weightloss program. I am hopefull he and I can work together and loose some poundage.

  23. Ive never heard of this book or the blog, sounds like its could be very inspirational to me on my weightloss effort!

  24. Read her first book and loved it. Really want to read the second. Hoping lady luck is on my side.

  25. I’d love to read this book! Memoirs are my favorite genre by far, and a good friend of mine suffered from a chronic headache for years, though it’s finally subsided, thankfully. This book seems right up my alley and something I’ll probably read even if I don’t win πŸ™‚

  26. would love, love, love to read this book since I love both chocolate and vicodin…


  27. Ooh, this has been on my wishlist for a while, it sounds great (if somewhat harrowing β€” living with chronic pain must be hellish). And I love the cover!

  28. Hi Shauna – It’s been a long time since I posted but, well, I’m still reading you faithfully. Also reading PastaQueen faithfully and as a migraine sufferer have followed her headache quest with interest. And on top of that I’m a writer/editor too, so I like seeing how both of you have evolved as writers…Can’t think of a better reason to de-lurk than to get to contact both you and PastaQueen at the same time and try to win her new book!

    Good luck with all your new weight loss efforts in the New Year. I’m (as usual) working on my own weight loss resolutions and like to know I have company out there in the Internet hinter lands…


  29. Mmmm, chocolate! Today I overcame my chocolate cravings with a punnet of blackberries, very proud. Not so enticed by the vicodin though πŸ™‚

  30. I’m comment 101, surely that must be lucky! (Watch now, some punk will hit post before me and I’ll be 102!)

  31. Would love to read the book, just started my weight loss journey and could use all the motivation and comic relief I can get.

  32. I also have creepy internet concern for the headache. I’d love to know what’s been going on there. Awesome Giveaway DG!

  33. I haven’t read either of these books but if you are recommending them, they must be a good read!

  34. Oh, I’ve been looking forward to her book coming out!

    So impressed that you’ve made it to your 10 year anniversary, and what an awesome way to kick off your giveaway by recognising another long-term blogger πŸ™‚

  35. Shauna, I need to win a copy of this book! Not only am I a memoir whore and unemployed semi-fat book blogger, but I woke up from my hysterectomy in 2009 with a headache and haven’t gotten rid of it since, so I can totally relate. Although, I just stick to eating chocolate and stay away from Vicodin.

    I really, really, really hope I win!

  36. After 7 years of reading your blog it is time for my first comment – as they say cant win if you are not in!! Well done on your journey.

  37. I love books too! And free stuff even more. I’m proud of you for selling out. It’s not like putting out which Dr. G might frown upon.

  38. Please enter me to win this book. My neurologist recommends it highly! (Yep, migraines love me too … Three very quiet cheers for Frova …)

  39. Sounds fabulous to me!! Sign me up for a chance to win! I’d love to read something insightful concerning depression. I hope you’re having a wonderful 2011 so far!!!

  40. This is my first comment on a blog ever! Shauna, I just finished your book and it has inspired me to start keeping my own food diary (one step at a time – it’s too much to think beyond that!) and hopefully, start losing the 80+ pounds that need to come off my frame. I would love to read Jeanette’s book and continue the motivational reading.

  41. I hadn’t heard of this book, or for that matter, her other books, but they sound great.

  42. i read some pages on a preview on the internet and i would love to read the whole book <3

  43. I haven’t read any of her books yet, but you have me intrigued. I think I’ll try to pick up one of the ones that’s already available, and hopefully I’ll win this one! Happy birthday!

  44. Just started following her blog, so would love the book!

    p.s. Whole grain english muffin, egg, reduced-fat cheddar cheese slice, and HP sauce…

  45. I’m honored so many people have entered this giveaway! I really appreciate all the kind comments, and I hope you enjoy the book whether you win it or purchase a copy.

    Oh, and I’m not entering the contest, obviously πŸ™‚ I’ve got a box of these things on the floor of my apartment.

  46. What a nice opportunity, and a great way to celebrate your 10th birthday Dietgirl! Go you!
    And Jennette too! I am very much looking forward to reading her latest.

  47. Now that I’ve found my way (with your help) from the goodreads blog, I’d still very much like to win a copy of this book. πŸ™‚

  48. 10 years blogging? Wow…you were certainly ahead of your time. I give you major props for forward-thinking. Not to mention persistence. I’m a new reader to your site, as well as Pasta Queen’s…would love to read C & V πŸ™‚

  49. Happy 10th anniversary!

    I can’t wait to read PQ’s new book! Being a chronic headache sufferer and weight loss struggler, I can relate all too well. Plus, I just straight up like her writing.

  50. I’ve been reading Jennette’s blog for quite some time now, benefited from reading her first book, and would really love to win a copy of her new one. Thanks!

  51. Love the blog πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to reading this book regardless…Half-Assed is on my favorites list, and a frequent bathroom read. Hmmm…TMI? Sorry…

  52. I love reading you guys posts. You are very inspirational. Cannot wait to read her new book!

  53. I love Jennette’s story and writing and would love to read her book. Plus we’ve all got to stick together and support each other, in weight loss, maintenance, and LIFE! Thank you.

  54. HaPpy Birthday to you! HaPpy Birthday to you! HaPpy Birthday to you dear Shauna! HaPpy Birthday to you!
    I love your blog! Your honesty and forth coming emotion are so comforting.
    I would love to win a epub version of this book!

  55. As a periodic migraine sufferer, this books sounds WONDERFUL! (crossing fingers for the win, lol)

  56. Oooh, I’ve been looking forward to this book! I started reading you fairly close to the beginning of your blog.It’s been lovely to watch your life unfold!

  57. I can’t imagine a 3 day headache. Sounds beyond horrendous. Chocolate and ice cream I can imagine very well though.

  58. I’d love a chance to win – but seriously Happy Birthday, and thanks for your inspirational book! Is it “too much information” to say that my 2nd copy of your book lives in the bathroom for others to flick through and borrow ……..!!!

  59. I would love to read this book! I have a chronic headache too, and have tried the normal remedies so maybe some of the out-there theories she received would work πŸ™‚


    I can’t wait to read Pasta Queen’s new book (oh please, please pick me, random number picker).

    You and Jennette inspired and encourage me all along this journey in so many ways. It took me a few years to get into the groove but I think I finally have a handle on it. I even starting going to cardio kickboxing classes (!!). I never thought I would pay someone to kick my ass.

    Rock on!

  61. well, sounds like fun… and if I pass my exam, I’ll have LOTS of time for reading….so-> I’d like to win, of course πŸ™‚

  62. I love reading PastaQueen’s blog and would love the chance to read her book!

    Congrats on 10 years!

  63. I’ve just started reading your blog and have been reading pastaqueen for many years…would love to win her book – congrats on 10 years!!!

  64. I have read Jennette’s blog for three years now and it has been inspirational to watch her journey. This book has been a labor of love for her for the last year to year and a half and I can’t wait to read it.

  65. Since reading this post I’ve been having a read of Jeannette’s blog – great stuff. If I don’t win this prize I think I’ll have to buy it anyway.

  66. 10 years! Wow! πŸ™‚
    I’ve been really looking forward to this book. What a great contest to have in honor of your blog-o-birthday!

  67. I have been reading your blog and Jennette’s for years and would love to receive a copy of her new book. And Happy 10th Anniversary Diet Girl!

  68. I’m a HUGE fan of Jenettes too and have been reading ‘pasta queen’ for a number of years. Would love to read her latest book and will be regardless of whether I am the lucky recipient of your draw or not. The reveiws sound great so I’m sure it will be another good read. That girl is certainly another natural borner writer (as you are also Shauna).

  69. I’ve been a reader of both you and Jeannette for several years. Thank you for all your hard work & inspiration. I can’t wait to read the book, whether it is received from your site or I buy it on my own. Congrats to you on your 10 year anniversary as well.

  70. I just read your book, Shauna! And then listened to Two Fitness Chicks podcast. I enjoyed reading of your travels away from home and how you grew as a person while striving for your goals. When I traveled to Ireland I also lost about 20 pounds and felt like a completely different person. You have me itching to get back to Europe! Also, I loved “Half-Assed,” I can’t wait to read her next one! Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize and congrats on blogging for 10 years!

  71. Oo good, a new book. Not to brag or anything but I sold major number of copies of halfassed when working at a bookstore on the west coast. Guess folks there like to read funny memoirs about losing weight or something. Cute cover too (true about both books, actually.

  72. Can’t imagine what it’d be like to live with a headache for that long. I’ve read Jeanette’s blog, and there were some times she was obviously really struggling.

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