Friday Link Feast #12


  • "We have to replace destructive thoughts with tolerant ones. It takes a conscious effort to change our self talk from negative to positive, but being fully aware of what we are saying and how it affects our behavior will turn our weight-loss journey into more than just a 'Get it off me!' race to some goal we think will make us happy. By being happy in the process of losing weight, by being accepting of our bodies and what they do for us, by appreciating that we’re taking good care of ourselves by eating well and exercising, and forgiving ourselves those times when we don’t, we’re learning to love ourselves as we are in the moment."
    » Lynn's Weigh – Hey… Slow It Down
  • "I think it's very easy to get caught up in an external goal ('lose 50 pounds', 'be a size 6') rather than focus on the way you want to feel ('energized and healthy', 'light and free around food',  'strong and powerful in the gym').  When you inevitably have a setback on the way to that goal, you feel like a failure and start up the self-punishment machine…"
    » Perfect In Our Imperfections – A New Way Of Thinking: Energy Management
  • "Exercise has taught me what my body is, what it can do, and where anyone who tells me it's not good enough can go."
    » Finslippy – What Exercise Has Done For Me
  • "I've found that if I concentrate my efforts on this one action, everything else just falls into place.  If I work on eating at five a day, not only do I get all the benefits of those fruits and vegetables, there’s a knock-on effect on everything else that I eat too…"
    » Mostly Eating – How to make healthy eating incredibly easy this year
  • I finally tried steel-cut oatmeal after so many of you lovely folk sang its praises. Alas it was not for me; I found the famously chewy texture rather creepy! I guess I like my porridge smooth, creamy and cosy with no need for teeth. I'm in training for my twilight years, you see. But among the recipes I tried, this one was very easy so I wanted to pass it on for the steel cut fans!
    » The Kitchn – How To Cook Steel-Cut Oats For Breakfast The Night Before

12 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #12

  1. I imagine rather than picking the salt up between index finger and thumb, you use the next finger along as well. Just a smidge more salt that way 🙂

  2. I love the excerpt from Lynn’s Weigh – in my belief, you have to love yourself a lot to undertake something like significant weight loss, you can’t do it fueled by self-hatred. The “journey” isn’t only about the weight, it’s changing the way we think about ourselves.

  3. Really? You didn’t like steel cut oats?!? I am not sure if that or the fact you JUST tried them surprises me more.

    Off to check out the “Perfect in our Imperfections” link! Thanks!

  4. I started reading the first one and thought, ‘Hmmm…that’s interesting.’ Then I realized I wrote it. *giggle* Loved Finslippy’s exercise quote. If I had a dollar for every time someone (namely a doctor) told me what I couldn’t do, I’d have enough money to go to Scotland 🙂 Thanks for the shout-out, babe.

  5. Great links as always! My procrastination plans are set.

    Looking forward to your next post.. am so so appreciating reading about all your experiences. You are a gem.

  6. Yeah just not for me, Nikki! Really didn't like the texture, very creepy 🙂

    Thank you for the rockin’ comments folks!

    And for the 10 spammers who also contributed, you can just feck right off!!! Your comments, obviously, have not been published!

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