New Year Goals Check-In: February

I'm doing monthly updates on my New Year Goals. 1/6th of 2011 is gone. Yikes.

Once again I'm late with the monthly update. Aside from feeling lame talking about this stuff with earthquakes and tsunamis going on, I've also been in the kind of overly emotional mood where it's best to steer clear of blogging. The kind of mood where one says or does ill-advised things, as per this hilarious tweet I saw from writer Sali Hughes:

February was a good month with some nice small victories.

  • I spent a long weekend in Paris with Dr G (my birthday gift to him – "Here, have an Easyjet ticket! Yeah, I'm coming too!" Everyone's a winner.) and I didn't put on any weight. Blow me down with a feather, I ate mindfully in the land of pastry and cheese.
  • I started a Pilates class! For the past four years I've pined for the weekly class we had when I worked at the House of Sport. I finally found a place on a Beginners course (yep, back to Beginner level, d'oh) and really loving it.
  • I lost a couple of pounds.
  • Food diary still going strong.

Things that didn't go as well:

  • Very inconsistent with exercise in the early part of the month.
  • Got sloppy with meal planning post Paris. It really helps to buy some bloody groceries!

I am happy with my glacial progress. I'm working more on the exercise and planning this month, but overall it feels like I'm devoting the right level of brain power to the task. There are still the PMS-y moments of I should do more panic, but I know that would mean taking away time and energy from other parts of my life and would no doubt trigger nutty behaviour and serious overeating. So I'll keep plodding along.

It felt like amazing progress to walk around in Paris and not have my guts knotted with regret for stuffing my face nor fear that I'd blown a diet. Instead, somehow I was able to switch off the lard-related chatter in my brain and focus on being there. It sounds cheesy but for the past few years I've not properly savoured some really cool moments because I was too caught up in angstypants thoughts.

This time I tried to focus on all five senses, not just taste. The tiny details of the Notre Dame. The echo of our voices when the river boat went under a bridge. The bright smell of a Vietnamese dinner. The flaky pastry of a chausson aux pommes dissolving on my tongue. The icy night air in my lungs as I raced Gareth around the Louvre pyramids on our bike tour. Gareth's yelp of pain when I accidentally rode too close and stabbed him with my handlebar. The unfortunate stink of that dog poo I failed to ride around.

Good times, people. Good times!

This photo is rubbish but you get the idea!

26 thoughts on “New Year Goals Check-In: February

  1. Glad your Paris trip was so enjoyable. I understand that “I should do more” feeling but you’re right about not wanting to take away from other parts of your life.

  2. I’m so impressed that you went to Paris and didn’t put on any weight. Plus, it sounds like you didn’t stress about it either. Double win!

  3. Thanks dear Ginger πŸ™‚

    @DesertAgave – well, i should say it was only 3.5 days. i reckon another day amongst all those boulangeries and it might have all fallen apart, hehe!

  4. Sounds like a really good time with DH and a continuing really good attitude, Shauna. Fabulous!

  5. I liked the focus on “all five senses”. There is SO much in this wonderful world which we can enjoy. Life is fragile and precious and good times with love ones count.

  6. Sounds like great progress. Definitely the right thing to do to keep looking for slow progress. Slow and steady wins the race!

  7. Just with feeling guilty about the natural disasters, I was having some difficult personal issues when Black Saturday happened in Victoria in 2009 – and unlike Japan, Black Saturday impacted my family and friends directly.

    My boss hired a corporate psychologist to come and talk to staff (we were the call centre that handled calls to volunteer assistance), and one of the really useful things she told us was to be reminded that, just because there is all this disaster and so many people are much worse off than you, doesn’t mean your personal issues aren’t real or upsetting, or that they’re meaningless. After all, if they’re meaningful in “normal” times, they’re still the same events/issues during a disaster.

    I actually feel a little bit more guilty about the fact that when 9/11 happened, my mood *lifted*, specifically because I realised “well, I really don’t have any problems, do I?”. (Whereas the Black Saturday problems… they really were quite shit.)

    So glad to hear you’re making progress – I’m starting to expand and need to put the brakes on, so I’m rooting for you! (Literally – I have a new boyfriend and he’s going to make me very, very fat.)

  8. I too have been sloppy with meal planning. We’ve been getting discount fruit and veg from a friend who sells it and when we didn’t get some last week I was loathe to buy it at full price. Pathetic excuse really but I’m tight, what can I say?

  9. Good luck with the Pilates. I found a class about six weeks ago, and I love it. While I spent the first couple weeks cussing the instructor, it didn’t take long to see my stamina increase, and I finally enjoyed it and had some fun. As I get back to where I need to be with my weight, I’ve realized that I’ve had to really shake up the exercise to make it interesting…so far so good.

    Glad your Paris trip went well…did you get the hot chocolate from Angelina’s – OMG.

  10. It wasn’t ‘only’ 3.5 days, give yourself the credit you deserve!!

    Very proud of you chick, and thank you. You inspire me to do better myself, that if a normal girl my age can do it then there’s nothing stopping me from doing it, except myself!

    (And you do a pretty good line in friendly butt-kicking too…love ya.)

  11. @PhilippaKate – right back at you πŸ™‚

    @Melissa – I didn’t get to Angelina’s, darnit! Next time for sure! πŸ™‚

    Cheers for your comments folks, hope your weekends were goooooooood!

  12. How much do I adore that you even use the word GLACIAL in a blog post?
    I am a huge fan of the glacial approach –for me. not that Im agreeing yer like a slab o’ice Missy!

    a little tiny bit every day forever.


  13. Good work there, Shauna! Thanks for tre progress report (following you closely these days as I’m also on a ‘loose the weight regained’-campaign;-) Very impressed with excellent effort in the land of gorgeous brie and fabulous wine (last time I was in France I did a weeks hike in the mountains of Corsica, walking several hour pr day and still managing to gain 1,3 kilos from cheese, baguettes and fig jam…) Kudos!

  14. Paris! Jealous as mon petit pois! It’s just amazing being there innit?

    Now.. tell me, which bike tour did you do? I’m convinced that bikes are the best way to see Paris!

  15. @LaLa – I believe it was the company you used, Fat Tire? (Merci, btw πŸ™‚ We did the Night tour and it was fabbo. Cycling round the Louvre pyramids was my highlight, riding down Blvd St Germain with a bus sitting up my backside was the low πŸ˜›

    @Janne – That sounds like a brilliant trip! Well worth a wee little gain. Mmmm, cheeeeeeeeese!

    @OneFitChick – only 9 1/2 weeks to go! 9 1/2 Weeks! Mwahahhaa! πŸ™‚

    @Tessa – I LOVE Sali Hughes, she is hilarious! She also has a great column about makeup in The Guardian. I like to watch the videos and think, "I really must try harder with my makeup" but then not actually do anything!

  16. Yay Shauna!! This: ” somehow I was able to switch off the lard-related chatter in my brain and focus on being there.” is huge! I too have missed too many beautiful moments in my life because I’m too busy worrying. I’m so glad you were able to cut through this this time and just enjoy yourself:)

  17. It’s so cool all the places you’ve been to. I’m too chicken to travel internationally. My sister used to live in England and she’d always shipped rag-mags home to me that told horrible twisted stories about tourists being in the “wrong apt. at the wrong time”, i.e. in a drug dealers apartment when they were busted. The tourists went to prison for FOREVER. I would be a terrible prison bitch. I was telling Renee of Low Fat Pie that story when she visited. She’s another world traveler-oh you brave, brave girls. Canada is pretty risky for me.

    Good on you for having an all-around lovely trip with a focus on the intention of doing just that, dog poos and G. stabbing and all. And I love your “glacial” approach. Why can’t I ever think of awesome words like that? (See how I overcrammed everything into just a few paragraphs even if all of the subjects don’t belong together? That’s so you wouldn’t notice I was hogging up your blog space. I’m so clever like that.)

  18. Shauna – I think your attitude ROCKS. I’m working really hard at trying to be more mindful about food and life in general, and I find your posts really motivating. Thank you so much for all you do!

  19. Shauna -I wanted to add that the feeling of not be obsessed with food related issues while traveling is huge progress. It is a drag that when I am in a good eating zone, I tend to obsess about what I’ll eat, when I’ll eat etc. and forget about the rest of the fabulous stuff that I am meant to be experiencing. So your success is definitely not lost on some of us! Great progress in the mindful eating!

  20. How I wish my husband could bring me to Paris. πŸ™‚ I agree with you about avoiding shopping from 23-27 because I have tried it before and really I gained weight. The worst thing happened is that all my clothes didn’t fit with me. Lesson learned…

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