Walking in Barcelona

Last weekend I went to Barcelona to hang out with my pal Coach Julia Jones. We had a great time eating tapas and working on our new Up & Running half marathon e-course, which we're launching next week (squeak!). 

After our Brussels work-a-thon last summer, I was awed by how she packed her running shoes and exercised and ate mindfully… rather than seeing a few days away as time for sloth and scoff-o-rama. Six months on I reckon I'm getting there too! I enjoyed my tapas and some incredibly decadent chocolate pastry thingos but whoa baby, I savoured the whole shebang. Half the fun is hunting down the perfect thing to eat – following your nose through the narrow streets, oggling fancy treats in the windows, taking a photo or ten before finally tucking in. That's how I did it til I lost my way… be selective, then savour. It feels good to get back to what works.

Sagrada Familia

Pigeons near the Sagrada Familia

The exercise went well too. On Sunday Julia suggested we each head out for 40 minutes – a run for her and a brisk walk for Granny Knees me. It's been years since she coached me but OBEY JULIA remains a mantra… I cranked up the GPS and Walkmeter on my phone so I'd be able to show her proof that I'd walked and not just sat under a tree eating cake. Again, it is very useful to know what really motivates you – in this case, a need to please and a love of gadgets! πŸ˜‰


In my eagerness to "make good time" some how I got a bit lost on the way back!

15 thoughts on “Walking in Barcelona

  1. Hello Shauna, I particularly loved your photo of the tree with its residents (probably temporary). Such a lovely shot. I like the idea of ‘oggling fancy treats’ with your eyes and the camera before selecting the best treat to savour – very mindful! Glad to hear that the trip went ahead. I was concerned when I saw the European freeze on our news. Love ya!

  2. practically the only thing that would make me consider moving away from the Sunburnt Country is the phrase “I went to Barcelona for the weekend”

  3. Last night in a moment of madness I signed up for the next Up and Running 5k course…am quietly crapping myself…I can do this right? Even though I’ve regained all the weight I lost and wobble when I walk? Help I’m scared!

  4. @Alison – Don't you worry comrade… Julia and I will support you every step of the way πŸ™‚ Really glad to have you on board!

  5. Gadgets are the bomb when it comes to motivation. And proof. =) My vacays are nearly always reason enough to slack off the exercise and healthful eating, but I’m learning (I’m a slow learner) that it Just. Isn’t. Worth. It.

  6. Be selective, and savor — great motto! Love the photo and the rambling GPS.

    I can’t imagine being able to take a day trip to Barcelona. I can pop into Michigan any time I want, but it’s not quite the same.

  7. Glad you love taking pictures of trees and sky too! Is it bad that, while appreciating your mindful success, I totally want to hear about the decadent pastry thingies? And were there chickpeas? Mmm chickpea tapas…

  8. Glad you had a nice time in Barcelona! I too signed up for the upcoming 5k course and already got my shoes, heart rate monitor and running app ready. The only thing I am freaking out about is the current weather in Austria: it’s about -10Β°C outside now and I beg to god that it gets warmer till march.

  9. @Debbi – i think i have seen you at the Slow Learners Club meetings πŸ˜‰

    @Jen – it still blows my mind that i can fly to paris or barcelona in an hour two, and it’s cheaper than i used to pay to go from Canberra to melbourne… europe is so handy like that!

    @frances – there was this almost icecream cone kinda thing covered in dark chocolate, with this really cold whipped cream stuff inside. And this almost donutty-tasting cake with nutella-esque stuff on top… very nice!

    @Lisa – I’m crossing my fingers it warms up soon too! Can’t wait to chat to you on the Forum πŸ™‚

  10. So glad that you’re doing happy things. (Sorry about the knee. But it’s probably not 85. 40, maybe. And by the time you’re really 40 everyone else will have dodgy knees too. Not sure that this is really a comfort, but.. anyway.)

  11. Ah a weekend in Barcelona with Coach Julia – how wonderful! ‘Be selective, then savour’ – I love it. Might have to make that my new mantra. Really gorgeous photo too. Soooo excited (and terrified) about the half marathon course. Eeeeee!!

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