Blog move and a heads up for RSS readers. Plus, Paralympics and Andy MURRAY!

Me and Andy in 2009 dreamland

Me and Andy in 2009 dreamland

Exciting news for absolutely no one but me: tomorrow this blog is moving from Typepad to WordPress. So there may be a little bit of weirdness for a couple of hours, my apologies in advance.

If you read this blog via a feed reader, this is the feed to subscribe to, to ensure you get a seamless continuation of service!

You can also follow the Facebook page for news of new posts. Fingers crossed for a smooth move. Eeep!

In other news how bloody amazing were the Paralympics? On a scale from one to ten, 11 billion at least. I started compiling an epic, overly emotional post full of highlights clips for those who didn’t have huge gobs of TV coverage but I can’t lose another day to YouTube so here is one particularly excellent clip of Richard Whitehead in the T42 200m. Prepare to pick up your jaw from the floor.

Also, ANDY FREAKIN’ MURRAY! He won the US Open at about 2am our time this morning. Yes the whole nation busted out the bagpipes and shortbread and shot a few wild haggis as our hearts were so full of joy and disbelief. Seriously… so so soooo chuffed for him!

We don’t have Sky TV so were listening on Radio 5 Live. Have you ever listened to a tennis match? Those commentators deserve a big trophy and giant cheque themselves. It is a feat of speed and endurance, trying to comment on a rally, you can’t get the words out fast enough!

Anyway I turned off the radio after Djokovic went up the double break in the 3rd set as I feared we’d jinx him. I dozed off for a long stretch then switched the radio on again then he WON! Ahhhh. Ever since I played against him with a teaspoon and he yelled at me, back in that dream of 2009, I knew he had Grand Slam in him. So aggressive and determined y’know? 😛

6 thoughts on “Blog move and a heads up for RSS readers. Plus, Paralympics and Andy MURRAY!

  1. I always worry I jinx people when I watch live sports, and frequently have to do things like look away, or go and make a cup of tea, at key moments. I always thought I was a bit weird. *hehe*

  2. I live in Ireland now and joyfully went into work today all chuffed and pleased that Andy had won, and all I got was a “if he’d smile more, he’d have more supporters…humph”. Meh. So glad for him! Oh and those runners are amazing aren’t they?? Crumbs!

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